Why cam girls are the perform form of bachelor party entertainment

A Fun Bachelor Party Idea – Live Webcam Lesbian Shows

It’s a male ritual that has stood the test of time. The Bachelor Party. The part of the pre-nuptial festivities than men embrace and women fear. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern day bachelor parties have evolved from booze, strippers and sex to tamer activities that focus more on male bonding. But that doesn’t mean that sex has completely disappeared from the bachelor party scene. It’s just that the local strip joint is no longer the only game in town.

As with everything else, technology has introduced new options when it comes to booking bachelor party entertainment. Home based bachelor parties often involved inviting over a few strippers to entertain the troops, but they tended to be very costly and the potential for drunken hanky panky and next day regrets were quite high. But today, it’s possible to use technology to order online adult entertainment that will be a big hit with your male guest. All you require is a big screen TV with an XBOX One, Apple TV (with iPad) or laptop computer. Let me explain how it all comes together.

The beauty of this bachelor party idea is that it’s interactive, safe and much more affordable that live performers. Your guests will love interacting with the girls on the large screen TV, and the addition of a live sex show will certainly be one of the highlights of the evening. There are a few different ways to go about this.

The XBOX One method

If you have an XBOX One with Kinect, you also have one of the best Skype setups around. All you need to do is find an independent cam girl who performs live sex shows over Skype. There are many independent cam girl directories on the internet, but it might be hard to find two girls who perform together. Most independent performers only perform solo. Another option is to search on Chaturbate. You’ll find many couples (both female/male and female/female) who will perform hardcore live sex shows via Skype in exchange for Chaturbate tokens. We would recommend booking a one hour show and be perfectly clear with the performer that they will be watched by a group of men at a bachelor party and that they will be expected to interact with your guests.

The Apple TV / iPad method

Many adult webcam sex sites now support HTML5 video streaming, which means that you can watch cam girls using your iPad. Best of all, most sites also support Apple Airplay, which means your just one tap away from beaming any video feed you are watching to your big screen using Apple TV. We’ve tested this with several services, and it works like a charm. Our three favorite Apple TV compatible compatible webcam sex sites are Chaturbate, Sexier.com and Flirt4Free. Chaturbate offers a very large selection of performers, but paying with tokens can add an extra layer of complexity if you don’t already have an account on the service. Flirt4Free features very attractive performers and the best video quality, but it can be a tad expensive. Our favorite pick is Sexier.com and Live Jasmin; both sites feature performers from eastern Europe who are extremely perverted (perfect for live sex shows) and also very affordable. It’s not too hard to book an attractive lesbian couple for a complete hour for less than $100. The only caveat is to ensure that your selected performer can converse fluently in English. Most do, but it’s still important to ensure that the interaction component of the show goes off without a hitch. Also make sure you have some kind of stand to prop up your iPad in order to send video.

The laptop method

If you have a fairly recent laptop and big screen TV, chances are they are both equipped with an HDMI port. Simply plug your laptop into your TV and redirect the video output to the big screen. Pretty straight forward stuff, but you must ensure that once connected, the laptop be moved to a location where the camera can capture your drunken friends without having them spill their beer all over it. The laptop method will offer you the widest selection of performers, and it will probably support a wide range of video streaming protocols.

Virtual Bachelor Party Tips

Performer selection is going to make or break your big screen surprise. When interviewing performers in free chat, make sure you explain to them that:

  • They will be entertaining a large group of men attending a bachelor party
  • They will be expected to interact with the guest via webcam
  • They will be expected to perform live, explicit sex acts

In terms of cost, expect to pay between $1.50 to $3.00 per minute for your party entertainment. A one hour session will probably cost between $90 to $180 dollars. That may seem like a lot of money, but it’s much more affordable than live performers, and if you share the entertainment cost with your guests, it will probably end up only costing about $10 per person. Not a bad price point for a live interactive sex show.

As far as your guest are concerned, make sure they are aware that the live sex show will be of the cam to cam variety, and that they should stay out of the field of view if they are not comfortable being seen on webcam.

Webcam sex can be a fun and affordable form of bachelor party entertainment. And it’s an approach that your soon to be wife will certainly endorse for a whole variety of reasons.

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