Who earns more on Chaturbate: Men, Women or Couples

Came across an interesting blog post on the ChaturbateModelBlog,com and thought I would share it with you. One question that many prospective cam girls (and guys) have is “How much money can I make on Chaturbate“? Fair question, and this blog post gives what seems to be a very honest answer from two people who perform on their own (one male, the other female), as well as a couple (male and female). The results are interesting. Please note that these figures do not include sales of videos and/or photos, which can significantly increase your Chaturbate earnings.

Chaturbate couple earnings

The good news is that yes, solo guys can make money on Chaturbate, but not as much as solo females. In this case, the male subject made an average of 50 dollars per day performing on Chaturbate. On bad days, he made little if any money. Of note is that most of his viewers were male, so if you’re thinking of performing online as a solo male, keep in mind that most of your viewers will be gay.

The female side of this couple earned 5X more than her male counterpart when performing as a solo female. On good days, she earned up to 10,000 tokens, which works out to about $500 dollars. So on average, she earned a minimum of $100 per day, but more often than not earned more than that.

The big money comes from broadcasting as a couple on Chaturbate. When together, this couple earned at least $250 per day, and on average a staggering $1000 per day. No doubt, it’s the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Solo men can make some decent money on Chaturbate, but don’t quit your day job. At best, it represents a part time income that will be a nice supplement to your current earnings. Guys can significantly earn more if they can find a female to perform with.

On the other hand, female performers with a strong work ethic can earn considerably more on Chaturbate and make it a full time job. Just keep in mind that cam girls do have a shelf life, therefore save diligently and invest in skills development with your earnings.

The most lucrative niche on Chaturbate is performing as a couple. With potential earnings of $1000 per day, a hard working couple could potentially save enough money in 3-5 years to retire comfortably.

While these figures are encouraging, keep in mind that they represent the earnings of a single couple. You millage may vary depending on several factors, including your personality, appearance, video feed quality and number of hours spent in front of the camera.

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a Chaturbate model, you can visit their Model Signup Page.


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