Where to find $1 per minute webcam sex

Cheap $1 per minute webcam sex

While many of us are satisfied with free webcam sex sites, others aren’t so pleased with them. They prefer a more personal, one on one experience. Some might even refer to this as a virtual “Girlfriend Experience”. No problem there, whatever floats your boat. But that doesn’t mean that said users aren’t still on the lookout for good webcam sex deals.

So today we bring you a collection of adult cam sites that offer $1 per minute webcam sex. We’re talking about private, one on one cam shows where you don’t have to compete with 500 other guys from the model’s attention. Yes, there are services that are more expensive and might even offer better video quality, but this article is all about finding cheap, one on one webcam sex. So let’s get started.

Sexier.com – Home of perverted eastern European cam girls

iphone webcam sexWe just love cam girls from Romania and Czechoslovakia. These models tend to be very pretty, have pixel perfect bodies – and oh yeah, they’re also about as perverted as they come. What I love about them is that they’re so carefree about sex and eager to please. They will literally perform just about any sex act you request. This is especially true of some of the couples from these countries.

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a porn producer, you can live the experience with these girls for as little as $30 for half an hour. You tell the performers what sex act to perfect and they will carry out your wishes on command. And no worries, these cam girls are fairly well educated and tend to speak fluent english.

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AdultWork.com – The sex services supermarket

sex classifiedsFor those of you who haven’t yet heard of AdultWork, it’s a giant online flea market for anything and everything related to sex. The site lists porn starts, escorts, phone sex operators, and yes, webcam sex performers. While the interface and site navigation leave somewhat to be desired, the content here is quite nice. This is especially true of their webcam sex section. The site features it’s own built-in video chat service which works surprisingly well and allows you to spend quality time with most of the models in free chat.

And the choice of performers here is staggering. These are amateur cam girls from all over the world, many of whom are truly beautiful. And because these are true amateur webcam models, you’ll find everything from the slutty redhead to the shy girl next door. What we enjoy the most about this site is that the girls get to set their own prices, therefore the competition for customers really helps drive down per minute rates. Although this article is about $1 per minute webcam sex, this site list girls who get naked for as little as 75 cents per minute.

Want to save even more money? AdultWork allows you to chat in either private mode or group chat. When you choose group chat, your per minute rate is even cheaper. We really recommend you browse through this site, there are tons of bargains to be had.

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CamContacts.com – College and university cam girls

webcam contacts iPad iPhoneFor many female performers, being a webcam model is about earning quick money to help pay for college tuition and textbooks. Nothing wrong with that. Whatever legal activity you choose to pay your bills is your own business. And this is what brings us to CamContacts. Like Adultwork, the site’s interface is nothing to write home about, but the selection of girls is.

You’ll find true amateur cams girls, lots of lesbian couples and even girls who want to keep their clothes on but will watch you masturbate on cam CFNM style. In other words, there’s a little something for everyone here. And like Adultwork.com, there pricing competition on this site keeps per minute rates down near the $1 per minute threshold.

The service is also a favorite of iPad and iPhone webcam sex fans. In fact, it even works quite well with Android devices. You see, Camcontacts was one of the first webcam sex services to embrace HTML5 for video streaming. And their early start has allowed them to become the standard by which others are judged.

The only caveat here is that you do have to register a free account before you’ll be granted access to the performers free video chat rooms. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to a pictures only experience, and what fun is that. Registration is free and all that’s required is a valid email address.

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ImLive.com – Amateur webcam sex directory

$1 webcam sexLet’s face it, variety is the spice of life. And when it comes to variety and cam girls, nobody tops ImLive.com. The site features tons of cam girls who perform in a wide variety of different niches. There’s literally something here for everyone. But this large selection of cam girls comes with some home work.

Because the selection of models is so large, you’ll need to spend some time combing through the listing to find girls who offer $1 cam shows. There are some to be found, but they’re the minority. I would refer to this site as inexpensive webcam sex, as opposed to cheap. The site is well laid out, easy to navigate and features top notch video quality. If you’re one of these people who enjoys the journey as much as the destination, this site is for you.

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JoyYourself.com – the amazing cam girl picture wall

$1 webcam sexSome cheap webcam sex sites do feature decent interfaces. And in the case of JoyYourself, the interface is one of the nicest ones we’ve ever come across. The site features a Pinterest style display of very attractive cam girls. The girls appearing in this beautiful photo mosaic are actually real webcam models who are currently online. Clicking on any picture will bring up her webcam feed. This site always does well in webcam sex reviews and ratings.

And prepare yourself for a treat. These videos feeds are all  about quantity as well as quality. Not only will they fill the majority of your screen real estate, the frame rate and resolution of the chat room will blow you away. This is probably the most immersive webcam sex experience out there.

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Know of any other $1 per minute webcam sex services that we might have missed? Tell us about them in the comments section.




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