What are Adult Social Networking Sites?

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Adult Social Network 101

Adult social networking
sites are gaining in popularity and are quickly becoming the preferred online destination for cybersex fans. For those new to the niche, adult social networking sites are a blend of adult dating, amateur porn, and webcam sex. The operative word being amateur. These services cater to open-minded singles and couples who want to experience their sexuality at its highest levels, and that often means networking with others who share their fantasies and sexual fetishes.

There was a time when sexually curious singles and couples would have to rely on the local swinger and sex party scene to scratch their carnal itches. Those days are long gone. Don’t get us wrong, swinger clubs and local sex parties are still very popular. But there is a segment of the population who prefer a higher level of anonymity when exploring their sexuality, and that’s why adult social networking sites have become so popular. They offer a safe portal where people can explore their fantasies without judgment or prejudice. It’s a place they can escape to and just be themselves, away from their vanilla nine-to-five existence.

Adult social networking sites also suffer from an identity crisis. One of the most popular services, AdultFriendFinder.com, is still seen by many as a sex dating and personals service. This is part of their service. In fact, it’s one of the few sex dating sites that actually work (ie. it isn’t full of fake profiles and chatbots). But their sex personals are just a small part of a much larger ecosystem. AdulFriendFinder.com also features forums, user groups, sex diaries, chat rooms (text and video) – and so much more. It’s these value-added services that bring people together based on their specific sexual fetishes.

Consider the following graphic. It’s a screen grab from the AdultFriendFinder.com Groups section:

AdultFriendFinder.com Groups and Sexual Fetishes

AdultFriendFinder.com Group Listing

As you can see, they have groups that cater to just about any sexual fetish. Let’s drill down into the Group Sex/Orgies category:

AdultFriendFinder.com Group Sex Listings

As you can see, this one category breaks down into several sub-groups that bring together people sharing their love of gangbangs and orgies. These same is true of just about any sex fetish you can think of. Some groups are based on geography, allowing you to network with others who share your sexual tastes at the local level.

Another fun AdultFriendFinder.com activity is their Member Webcam chatroom. This is not to be confused with their Adult Webcam section, which is a traditional pay-per-minute service.

AdultFriendFinder.com Member Live Webcam Chat RoomThe member chatroom is 100% and a great place to network with fellow voyeurs and exhibitionist alike. These are all real people, so expect that they come in all shapes and sizes. And that’s a good thing. Variety, is, after all, the spice of life!

Which brings us to one of the most underrated sections of AdultFriender – the Member Sex Blogs.

AdultFriendFinder.com Member Blogs and Sex Diaries

This section is a collection of sex confessions and dirty diaries. I know what you’re thinking. I don’t want to be reading a bunch of text – I want to see action! Well, trust me, these blogs feature lots of real-life sex adventures, many of which are documented with pictures. I could go on, but I suggest you check out these sex blogs for yourself. You can get lost in them for hours – they are that good!

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MyDirtyHobby.com – Another great adult social network

MyDirtyHobby.com is another well-established adult social networking site that’s quite popular in both Europe and North America.

mydirtyhobby adult sex social network

While in the same vein as AdultFriendFinder, MyDirtyHobby is more of an amateur/pro-am picture and sex video sharing site. The site has put considerable effort into segmenting its content based on which continent you are visiting from. You can, however, choose to view content from users located anywhere in the world.

In terms of content, the site features a nice selection of live webcams, photo, and videos. But be warned – Europeans tend to engage in some pretty kinky sex acts and some of these amateurs pornographers upload videos that are much more explicit than what you would expect from North American amateurs.

Another observation is that the site boasts a significant amount of amateur HD porn clips. I guess GoPro cameras are quite a hit in Europe. So if you don’t mind really nasty sex videos shot in crystal clear HD, this might be the adult social network for you!

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