Webcam modeling advice from industry veteran LoneStarAngel

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Cam Girl Advice from industry veteran LoneStarAngel

A few weeks ago, I posted an article about how Chaturbate performers can increase their earnings by creating their own blog and engaging in social media outreach. Today I’m happy to introduce you to a veteran webcam model (and savvy businesswoman) who’s executed this strategy perfectly. She’s a webcam model who not only runs her own blog but also operates her own membership site. Please welcome LoneStarAngel to the blog.

You’ve worked on traditional webcam sites, SkyPrivate and now Chaturbate. Which platform do you prefer, and which should new cam girls try out first?

This is a double-sided answer because I’m more familiar with the traditional cam sites, as opposed to the token-based platforms, such as Chaturbate. I’m much more comfortable with what I have used for the last ten years, which are sites that are dollar for dollar, meaning when someone gives $5, you receive five dollars.

It could also be said that I’m more complacent with the conventional settings of cam sites, that offer private sessions that are one-on-one or group shows over the sites that encourage viewers to enjoy our company for free. I enjoy the tease of public chat, but the seduction of private sessions is what has kept me in the cam industry.

With that said, for those new to the industry I strongly encourage them to join the token based sites and get familiar with the apps and structure because I do believe that those sites are the future of this industry. Anyone can be successful, if you can break the mold of the older sites.

I also suggest that you join several cam sites so that when one is down due to maintenance, or the traffic is slow, you can fall back on another one. Never put all your eggs in one basket.

My cam sites, if you are curious are:




You’ve done a great job with your personal website and blog. How important is it to surround yourself with a strong team, and how big should the team be? What roles are the most important?

Thank you for your kind words; I’ve spent a lot of time making my site, and especially the blog, a community instead of an average porn site with no interaction.

The size of any team, depends on the site itself. I will say this, though; it’s important to surround yourself with strong individuals who are just as driven as you are. If you are going to have a team, whether it is 2 or more, you must support each other or else there will be breaks in the line.

There are two very important positions that need to be strong in order to have a successful site.

The first being YOU. It takes dedication, hard work and a lot of time to maintain a personal website. You have to have focus and drive, or else you will burn out before you get started. Your site needs constant updates that are different from the last and something that will keep your member’s coming back for more. Maintaining a website is not just the face of the operation, which is what the public sees, but also responding to emails, networking, advertising, interacting on social media and anything else that is associated to the site.

The next most important role would be a good, solid webmaster. You have to be able to depend on someone who will build your site, write code, keep your site updated on a regular basis; and one who will support your ideas and encourage you to make changes.

Another integral part of a team would be the person who takes the pictures and videos. I am lucky because I have always had someone who has taken care of my pictures, and who has rendered the videos ready for mass downloads. However, with that said, there are many ladies who have been successful in doing this on their own. So, while this is obviously an important role that is needed, it does not necessarily have to fall to someone else.

If you are interested in more, I would love for you to click on the links below and bookmark them for future days:

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Being a veteran of the industry, what advice would you have for new girls who are considering webcam modeling? What issues should they consider carefully before taking the plunge?

I have answered this question so many times over the years and I have never wavered on the advice I give to those who are truly interested in getting into the cam industry. This is a topic that is not easily answered with a few sentences, and there is more to discuss than what I will add here. If you are interested and would sincerely benefit from more of my guidance, you can email me at – I believe we all need to help one another in order to be successful as a whole.

Be yourself, first and foremost. Change your name, that is fine, but who you are outside of cam is who you need to be when you turn that camera on. No one can live a double life and keep it going for long, so if you plan on making this your career, be you from day one.

Stay true to your word. If someone asks you if you do something in private, do not say yes just because you want their money. That is not fair to the viewer, nor will it work for you long term. If you set up a scheduled show for someone, or for a group, you need to show up, regardless of how you may feel now that it is time to turn the cam on. We all have issues that come up, but their time is just as important as yours.

Network with others, but do not allow their drama to become yours; drama does not make you money. I will keep this short, and suggest that you watch others in the beginning, just to get an idea of how to handle your room, but do not make this a daily ritual. I have known so many ladies over the years that based their success on competing with others and that only hurt them, and no one else. What works for one will not work for all. What I mean by that is, if someone is “making bank” by demanding pay pigs to give them their last bit of savings and you go into your room thinking about how easy she made $100, you have already mind-fucked yourself out of making $300 for yourself.

Maintain some sort of schedule and stick to it as much as possible. In order to build a good clientele of regulars, you need to be online for them to find you the first time, but also to be available when they return looking for you. I’m not suggesting you have a strict schedule and never waver, but if you’re on in the afternoons, you will start to notice your days are more successful than not. If you are more of a night owl, the more you keep that schedule the better chance of accomplishing your goals.

Before I discuss equipment, one more bit of advice that I find myself giving to the newcomers is this: make yourself stay online for 2 hours at a time, and do not give up after 20 minutes. This is counter-productive and you will defeat yourself before having a chance to be successful. I have been online for 11 years and I still find myself experiencing a slow hour, but I am almost always pleasantly surprised that it changed suddenly and I had 2 solid hours of shows. If I would have shut down because it was slow in the first hour, I would have missed out on the good traffic that followed.

Once you decide to take the plunge and try to make a go in the cam industry, you need to spend money on good equipment. Good, stable internet is the most important part of your setup. After a few months, you might consider paying for a business account with your provider. This gives you better speeds, stronger connections and most companies cater to the business accounts when issues arise. The next most important part of your set up would be a good webcam. I suggest Logitech BCC950 that gives you the option to zoom and pan/tilt, but you can start with a cheaper cam if you need to, but buy Logitech. A decent computer is a must, or else the equipment will fail while streaming live. Shop around and find a laptop for under $400 to get started, but within the first year you should invest in one that has more capabilities and can handle the live streams better. More times than not, the issues that can effect your success in the beginning are with the equipment used.

Tell us about your videos. From what I can tell, you seem to enjoy weaving a nice story line into your video productions. Do you perform exclusively with your husband, or do you also perform with other men or women?

I believe that each video needs to have substance in order to captivate the viewer. I realize this is amateur porn, but I do not enjoy a setting without a story line, so why should I expect those who have joined my site to? I have done very few things that I do not enjoy myself, such as facials. I realize that is a huge fetish and could possibly make money, but I believe in staying true to myself in not just how I live, but what I produce. With each video, especially those that are solo, I want the viewer to imagine him/her in the room with me. The whole objective is to make the one watching feel the excitement of the experience, and to imagine them in the video with me. That is my main goal.

I have performed with a lot of women over the years, and very few men. In fact, only four gentlemen have filmed with me. I believe in quality over quantity and the women have been amazingly awesome and sexy in every way, and the three guys (other than my husband) were a great experience.

Truth be told, I am all about the fantasy. I love the thought of having multiple partners, but in reality, that is not who I am.

You shoot lots of photos in outdoor settings – are you an exhibitionist at heart, and if so, what is your wildest outdoor sex confession?

YES!!! I have always been an exhibitionist, especially when I was younger but I still enjoy it as I get older. There is something about the sun beating down on my naked body that lights a fire under me.

Well, there was sex on the beach, sex in the water as the waves crashed on to the shore (I do not recommend this adventure) and then there was sex in a public park. I guess the wildest sex confession would be the time that my college boyfriend and I were driving back to school after a weekend at his parents home. Let’s just say hormones were raging and there was no way we could wait another 2 hours, so we pulled over on the shoulder of the interstate and most definitely fucked as though it could be our last chance, EVER. Ah, young and dumb. I long for those days at times, but I have to admit, I do not wish to turn back the clock.

One of my most successful photo sets was taken at an old schoolhouse on Interstate 10, in west Texas. The old building sits so close to the road that anyone who glanced at the rubble, saw me naked that afternoon. It can be found on my site and still captivates new members, especially those who have driven by the old Kent Schoolhouse.

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