The Webcam Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience. For those unfamiliar with the term, it refers to a sex for money encounter wrapped in a layer of intimacy that is often indistinguishable from a real life relationship. It’s sex and companionship without long term commitment.

The Webcam Girlfriend Experience

Many men seek this same arrangement online. Whether they are married or single, they want a secret lover. A confidant. Someone they can share an intimate connection with without a long term commitment. Yes, it’s about sex. But it’s also about much more than that. It’s about forging a relationship with someone on a whole different level. An intimate connection that exists in a secondary realm parallel to our own. We may, in fact, be the first generation that has the technology available to us to create a virtual secondary life, in which we can interact with others in an intimate manner without physical contact.

What I’m referring to today is not your typical webcam sex site such as Chaturbate or MyFreeCams. Both those services are fantastic, but they are crowdsourced. Nothing wrong with that, they offer great entertainment at reasonable prices. But they are not about one on one, long term intimacy.

So where can you find a real partner who’ll connect with you in a more long-term, intimate fashion? Today we answer that question with three recommended sites.

SkyPrivate Webcam Models
SkyPrivate Webcam Models

The first site is SkyPrivate. Their directory features girls from all over the world seeking to connect with men using Skype for either audio or video calls. We like this service for many reasons. The first is that it’s confidential. Your identity is never shared with your chat partners. Once you purchase credits, you can use them to connect with any girl of your choice. All they see is your Skype ID. The second reason we love SkyPrivate is that it features really pretty girls from all over the world. Just make sure you can both speak the same language. And most important of all, the service is very affordable. You’ll find many girls from Eastern European countries who connect for as little as $1 per minute.

SkyPrivate makes it easy to find a true webcam girlfriend who you can connect with whenever you want. And because it uses Skype, the video, and audio quality are top notch.

Camcontacts webcam connections

The second site is CamContacts. Like SkyPrivate, the site is a portal that connects girls with men willing to pay for online companionship. Many of these girls are college students or bored married women who don’t want to expose themselves on traditional webcam sites. They prefer the privacy and intimacy of one on one interactions. Their directory features hundreds of amateur girls willing to connect with virtual sugar daddies. One caveat is that you must register for a free account before you can browse their listings. Also, calls take place using their web-based HTML 5 video client – no Skype support here. Having said that, the video client works very well on both desktops and smartphones.

Regarding pricing, you’ll find great value on CamContacts. Like SkyPrivate, you purchase time upfront which you can spend on any girl. Prices start at a very affordable $1 per minute. The site interface seems a bit aged but is easy to navigate.

Adult Friend Finder Sex Personals
Adult Friend Finder Sex Personals

Our third recommendation is AdultFriendFinder. Most people know the site as the world’s largest sex dating portal, which it is. In fact, the reason the site is so popular is that the listings aren’t fake, and they don’t use chat bots or other schemes to trick users. They are the real deal. AdultFriendFinder also happens to be where most swingers hang out online, so if you want to get invited to sex parties, check out the forums and message boards for your community.

The site is also a great place to meet long-term cybersex partners. But don’t expect to be able to find potential contacts without a paid membership. Without one, your ability to search the site will be greatly diminished. The good news is that memberships are very affordable and unlock all of the tools you’ll need to connect with women seeking new webcam sex friends quickly.

On AdultFriendFinder, you have three great tools to meet new sex contacts. The first is their search engine. What can we say other than it’s very granular. You can search on sexual orientation, body type, location, and kinks. Most importantly, you can search for members who are only interested in online sex.

The second area you want to explore is their video chat rooms. At any given time, you’ll find over one thousand sexy singles and couples getting naked in front of their home webcams. See someone who tickles your fancy? Simply engage them in their chatroom and introduce yourself. It could be the start of a fantastic relationship.

The third area of interest are the community forums. These message boards are very diverse and cover just about any sexual fetish. Including cybersex. For local action, find the forum for your city and you might get the low down on local sex parties. AdultFriendFinder is one of the best resources to find out about your local underground sex scene.

One last tip. Why not have women come to you. Complete your AdultFriendFinder profile (it takes about 30 minutes – lots of questions about your sexual likes and dislikes) and make sure to be specific regarding what you’re seeking. You’ll be surprised at how many women are looking for online only sexual relationships. Most love the adventure and anonymity of online sex.

Yes, you have to pay for the membership, but then contact with your new connections won’t require per minute charges. Great value all around.

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