The 2016 Cybersex Year in Review

The 2016 Webcam Sex Year in Review

Best webcam sex 20172016 has been another banner year for the cybersex industry. The live webcam sex niche is coming off its best year ever, and traditional adult content providers are finding new markets for their wares thanks to virtual reality and 4K porn. The new and quickly evolving teledildonics industry, while still in its infancy, has seen a flurry of new products that will certainly have adult hardware manufacturers smiling in 2017. Once again, as so many times before, new technologies have come to the rescue of the adult industry just as it seemed to be on its last legs. This is nothing new. Adult content providers have often been the first to implement bleeding edge technologies while in the search for new markets. Today, we want to have a look back at the year that was, and how various adult service providers fared in 2016. We’ll also look at what trends we think will matter as we look ahead to 2017.


Chaturbate entered 2016 as arguably the best live webcam sex site on the Internet. The past year has seen some light changes to the user interface and the introduction of better mobile support, but for the most part, the service is pretty much the same as it was at the beginning of the year. And that’s not a bad thing. Why mess with a winning formula. Amazing performers, great streaming quality, and a superb user interface. And their huge fan base doesn’t hurt either.

How much money can you make on Chaturbate

The real winners this year have been Chaturbate performers. Sex work has changed. It has come out of dark alleyways and moved online where performers can earn more money in a much safer work environment. Many performers now boast in excess of 500,000 followers and easily earn $100,000 a year on Chaturbate. These are serious numbers. You don’t reach those numbers overnight, but lots of girls have reached those levels and are earning a very comfortable living by working online instead of stripping in a local club. A smart cam girl (guy or couple) with good marketing skills can now make much more money than working in the private industry. I’ve even heard of porn stars leaving the traditional industry to cash in on the live sex niche. Click here to find out how you can become a Chaturbate model and start earning serious money today!

Chaturbate does lots of great things for their performers, but they haven’t forgotten about their massive fan base. The service now boasts millions of fans from all over the world. In 2016, Chaturbate continued to reach out to their fans by participating at events such as Exxotica and The Everything To Do With Sex shows. They’ve also made appearances at numerous adult industry conventions and award shows.

Looking forward, we can’t wait to see what surprises Chaturbate has in store for 2017. Maybe some real-time VR cam shows or voyeur homes? We can’t wait to find out!


Until this year, Chaturbate pretty much had only one competitor in the free tipping based webcam sex market – MyFreeCams. But two new contenders have appeared on the free webcam sex scene in 2016, and one presents a genuine alternative to Chaturbate. The new service is called CamSoda, and there’s no doubt they’ve studied the formula that made Chaturbate such a success very closely. CamSoda features a similar user interface, the same tipping model and a few unique twists to help differentiate their service from the competition. First off, the site features numerous tabs that help you quickly find subsets of live performers. You can easily find spy and ticket shows – and in an interesting twist, a few performers who have installed 24/7 spy cams in their homes.

CamSoda Review

The site does not yet boast as many performers as Chaturbate, but it does better than it’s competitors in one key area – support for mobile webcam sex. Don’t get us wrong, Chaturbate and MyFreecams have come a long way with their support for mobile devices and continue to improve their respective services (you can read our full review of mobile webcam sex providers here). But CamSoda has managed to deliver a close to perfect mobile webcam sex experience right from the start. When combined with a desktop experience that’s on par with Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, 2017 promises to be a battle for market share among the big three webcam sex sites that use the tipping revenue model.

In terms of what this means for performers, it’s a double-edged knife. One the one hand, Chaturbate and MyFreeCams have larger audiences, but also much more competition in terms of sheer number of performers. CamSoda, being the new kid on the block, might have a smaller audience, but also less competition among performers. So which is the best site to perform on? I would recommend researching them on the major adult performer forums.

Click here to find out more about performing on CamSoda.

The Independent Cam Girl Marketplace

2016 was a great year for true independent webcam models who perform using either Skype or other proprietary webcam platforms. There is still a strong segment of the industry that is comprised of men seeking true virtual girlfriend experiences. Men who want a regular cam girl they can connect with on a regular basis, one on one, outside of the world of commercial webcam sex sites. Two services continue to excel in this marketplace, being SkyPrivate and CamContacts.

SkyPrivate Webcam Models

CamContacts is a site that matches independent female performers with men seeking one on one encounters via webcam. The site features lots of college and university students who need help with tuition, as well as women from Eastern Europe who need help making ends meet. Women can even use the service to find a virtual boyfriend or boy toy, if that’s what tickles your fancy. The site does require age verification via credit card registration before you can engage potential contacts in free chat, but the good news is that prices are very affordable, with lots of girls (and guys) willing to connect for as little as $1 per minute. CamContacts is the perfect place to meet your next virtual girlfriend – highly recommended.

Another site that came into its own in 2016 is SkyPrivate. The service helps connect men with independent models who perform using Skype. The site features a large directory of performers from all over the world with very attractive price points. What we really like about SkyPrivate is the layer of anonymity that it brings to all transactions. SkyPrivate sells credits that are used to anonymously connect with girls over Skype. This protects the identity of the performer, and it also ensures that your details are only shared with SkyPrivate, and not the webcam model you are connecting with.

SkyPrivate is a very nice service for both performers and consumers alike. If you enjoy using Skype for webcam sex, it’s probably the best option out there. We love the service!

Looking forward to 2017, I think the market for independent cam girls will only grow stronger as bandwidth becomes more accessible and live streaming services come into their own on mobile platforms. Not all cam girls want to perform for an audience of thousands, and many men are seeking a more intimate, one on one cyber sex experience.

Webcam Sex Dating

Let’s be clear. People have been using adult dating services to arrange webcam sex encounters for years. But in 2016, the niche has come into its own. The reasons are clear. First off, once you meet potential partners, it’s pretty much free webcam sex. And on sites such as AdultFriendFinder, there is no shortage of willing participants. The site really is a social network for the sexually adventurous. But they are not the only game in town. SexPlayCam and CamPlayFriends are two sites that specialize in all manners of sexual exploration, with an emphasis on webcam encounters.

This segment of the aldult webcam industry has grown considerably over the last few years, and I suspect 2017 will bring even more people into the fold. Human sexuality is continuously evolving and more and more people are turning to technology to experiment with new forms of sexual discovery. We love meeting new people. We love interaction. And we love to reach into this wonderful world we call cyberspace to connect with others who share our fetishes and desires. Truth is, it’s much easier to find someone online who shares in our sexual fantasies and practices. So go ahead. Create a profile on AdultFriendFinder, SexPlayCam or CamPlayFriends and see where it leads. Just remember to stay safe and anonymous. Mystery is sexy.

One on One webcam sex play

For many webcam sex fans, variety truly is the spice of life. This was true in 2016, and I expect it will be in 2017 as well. Sometimes the hunt for the perfect cam girl is as much fun as the encounter itself. I love sites like and Joyourself for this very reason. I enjoy cruising the online profiles, looking for that one girl who’s at once somewhat shy, yet also perverted and willing to experiment. I love interacting with them in free chat, asking them what they’re willing to do for me on cam. Some will blow me off, which is a mistake because I’m a man with an agenda and dollars to spend. Some will bore me. But I always come across that one girl who seems to have it all. The look. The personality. The willingness to play.

19 year old cam girlOne tip I would share is to not be afraid to dig deep into the model listings to find new girls who are still learning the ropes. They’re always fun to play with and who better to coach them than a seasoned veteran such as yourself. The girls on page 1 of the model listings always get lots of business, so head on over to page 3, 4 and beyond to find girls who are hungry for business and much more willing to let her perverted side shine in exchange for a few dollars. ImLive and LiveSexAsian and MyCams are other sites which I highly recommend for cheap webcam sex play.

But the reason I always come back to is because they feature amazing girls from Eastern Europe who are very pretty and willing. You’ll also find a nice selection of lesbians and couples willing to cater to your most perverted desires. But what I really like are the price points. I love that I can spend a full half hour playing with a pretty girl for only $1 per minute. I love to have them start fully clothed, and then ask them to slowly undress as we voice chat. By the end of our 30-minute session, I have most of these girls smiling at me with a huge sex toy stuffed into their pussies. Can’t put a price on directing your own live sex show! Great way to spend an evening at home.

Crowd-sourced live webcam sex shows

Another trend that seems to be picking steam going into 2017 is crowd-sourced webcam sex shows. For those of you new to this concept, it essentially boils down to a performer (or performers, as many couples also use this methodology) selling multiple tickets for a fixed length cyber sex show. The concept works well for both the consumer and the performer. For consumers, you get to watch amazing live sex shows for just a few dollars – not per minute charges apply. For performers, it’s an effective strategy to earn more money in less time. In the end, everyone wins. To give this a try yourself, head on over to and look for the Gold Show labels. You can also click on the features button and select Gold Shows from the drop down menu to filter your model list.

SolidCams also features some pretty good live lesbian sex shows if that’s your thing. I’ve also enjoyed some nice couple sex shows on the site. So much to watch, so little time!

Looking ahead to 2017…

2017 promises to be a great year for both webcam sex consumers and performers alike. My predictions for 2017 center around technology. I think we’ll see better video streaming quality as a result of faster internet connections and the use of more advanced video codecs. Intel released new mobile processors in the fall with advanced video streaming capabilities, and their desktop counterparts are due to ship in early 2017. I suspect that webcam sex providers will be quick to make use of these new codecs in an effort to capture the title of best streaming quality.

I also predict that VR porn will come into its own in 2017. It will first become popular in the form of mobile downloads for smartphones that support VR headsets, such as the new Google Daydream View.  Shooting VR porn, then compressing it to a format that can be easily downloaded is one thing. Streaming VR porn in real time is much more demanding and technically challenging. Intel’s new processors will help, but don’t expect much more than experimental offerings in this area in 2017. Live VR porn will become a reality sooner or later, but not in the next 12 months.

2017 is going to be a great year for sex workers. As mentioned previously, sex work is evolving in a very positive way. What matters most is safety. Sex workers no longer need to put themselves at risk by working the streets, meeting with strangers in hotel rooms, or dancing in strip bars. Those forms of sex work aren’t going to disappear anytime soon, but they will become less and less predominant as more men and women discover the benefits of online sex work. Instead of earning just enough to get by, more and more sex workers are going to be leapfrogging their 9 to 5 counterparts in both earnings and leisure time. I’m not suggesting that sex work is for everyone, but it certainly has become much more respectable means of earning a living. And lets be honest, sex work is nothing more than entertainment. We all enjoy watching movies and listening to music. And we all watch porn. So let’s not be the first to judge performers we watch every week.

So what are your predictions for 2017? Let us know in the comment section.


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