Ten authoritative Sex Blogs that belong on your fall reading list

Top 10 Sex Blogs 2017

Top 10 Authoritative Sex Blogs

As I indulge in the last few weeks of the summer season, I’ve turned my attention to updating my list of favorite sex blogs. There are so many amazing sex bloggers out there, it’s hard to choose just a few to feature in this post. But I’ve managed to widdle down my list to ten blogs that offered genuinely useful information about human sexuality. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have.

Girl on the Net

Girl on the Net sex blog

I just had to list this blog in the first position. It has it all. It’s real. It’s raw. It doesn’t try to be something it isn’t. The blog is authored by a woman who doesn’t shy away from confessing her deepest sexual secrets. When asked why she started her sex blog, her answer was as forthcoming as they come: “I’m a pervert’ – I like sex; I like talking about it, reading about it, doing it, watching other people do it, and hearing other people’s stories.”

This thirty-something-year-old has been blogging about real life sex stories, dirty fantasies, fun rants and gender focused sexual articles since 2011. She’s even authored her own book called How A Bad Girl Fell In Love

You can visit her blog at GirlontheNet.com

Venus O’Hara

Venus O'Hara - Sex Blogger

Venus O’Hara is a British sex blogger who currently lives in Barcelona, Spain. She a former fetish model who’s published no less than 3 books:  Love Me Like You Hate Me, English for Perverts and The Mask of Venus. She’s collaborated with many Spanish media publications and outlets including El País, Playboy, GQ, Interviú, Objetivo Bienestar, Catalunya Radio and many more.

Her blog features a Fetish Glossary that documents 50 kinks in her own words, with specially images of herself that haven’t been retouched in any way.

Venus is both an enthusiast, and advocate, of sex toys. Her blog features several honest sex toy reviews written from a woman’s point of view. She loves to celebrate the joy and power of the female orgasm in all it’s beauty. A nice bonus is that her blog is available in both English and Spanish.

You can read her blog at VenusOhara.com

The Cara Sutra Blog

Cara Sutra Sex Blog

The Cara Sutra Sex Blog features a wide variety of articles about sex and human sexuality. Topics include sex tips, relationship advice, sex toy reviews and much more. The blog also features special theme posts, including Bondage and Fetish Fridays and the very popular Erotic Author Spotlight Series. The Cara Sutra sex blog is a well-established publication with thousands of articles and free erotic stories; a great place to sit back and enjoy a pleasurable journey of sexual discovery.

The Vice Media Pornography Blog Posts

Vice Adult Industry Blog Posts

Vice media is amazing. They cut through the mainstream noise and produce some of the most thought provoking documentaries and content available online. We strongly recommend that you follow their Youtube channel. Their reporting is simply that good.

What we love the most about Vice media is that they never shy away from either controversy or danger. In fact, they seem to thrive on it. They’ve sent reporters to some of the world’s most dangerous conflicts, many times embedded in ways that mainstream media would not dare attempt. And they bring this same intensity when covering the sex industry and human sexuality.

No topic is off limits. Recent articles feature such stories as “What’s the Difference Between Porn and Prostitution?”, “How Prison Inmates Get Porn”, and “The Enduring and Erotic Power of Quicksand on Screen”. Yeah, not exactly mainstream content – but that’s the point. Vice Media is all about going where others don’t, or won’t, to bring you content that meant to push your buttons and arouse your curiosity.

You can view the Vice Pornography Blog Posts here.

The James Deen Blog

The James Deen Blog

Ever wonder what it’s like to make a living as a male porn star? Veteran adult performer gives you the straight goods on his excellent blog that features a blow by blow (no pun intended) account of his various porn shoots with some of the industry’s hottest female performers.

Takeaway. James loves his job. He sees it as a true vocation – in fact, he knew from a very young age that he was an exhibitionist and wanted to work as an adult performer. He’s also very fond of the female talent he performs with.

Click here to read the James Deen Blog

Our Sexy Videos

Sexy Youtube Videos

For those of you who prefer video, we bring you a truly unique sex blog. OurSexyVideos.com is a daily curation of some of the sexiest videos on Youtube. The blog features videos about sex work, dating, human sexuality, and sexy events. In short, a little something for everyone. The site is very sex positive, non-judgemental and LGBT2Q friendly. It can almost be considered a video celebration of all things that make sex fun.

You can visit the site at OurSexyVideos.com

The Girly Juice Sex Blog

Girly Juice Sex Blog

Sex blogger Kate Sloan wears many hats. She’s an accomplished sex writerpodcaster, and speaker. She loves sex and believes that it’s holistic, transformative, goofy, and magic – therefore she decided to make a living writing about it. She describes her readership as a collection of fantastic sex-positive weirdos. Based on that alone, I felt that her sex blog would be a good fit for this article!

Kate is also well respected among her peers. Sex blogger and Sex City Radio host Jon Pressick called her website “one of the top sex blogs”. Caitlin K. Roberts, author of I’d Tap That and Spit, called her “a leader in (the sex blogging) community.” And Epiphora, the queen of sex toy reviews, once called her a “bomb-ass bitch”. Need I say more!

You can visit her blog at GirlyJuice.net

Hey Epiphora Sex Toy Blog

Epiphora Sex Toy Blog

Let’s face it. Sex toys are getting more and more sophisticated, not to mention somewhat expensive. They even allow couples to engage in remote control sex play when distance keeps your genitals apart. But it’s not always easy to tell which sex toys deliver the goods, and which ones suck (in a bad way). So before you spend your hard earned money on a sex toy, we strongly recommend that you visit the Hey Epiphora Sex Toy review blog.

Epiphora describes herself as a female with a very discerning vagina. She’s been testing sex toys and blogging about them for over nine years. She has a significant following of loyal readers who entrust their future orgasms to her, and she doesn’t take that honor lightly.

Her articles have been published in Best Sex Writing of the Year, Volume 1 and Storerotica. She’s also been featured in PlayboySlateWomen’s HealthVICEBitch, and XBIZ Premiere magazine. This girl gets around! That’s what owning over 600 sex toys can do to your life!

You can read her blog at Hey Epiphora

Our Dating Tips

dating advice and tips

When did dating get so complicated? I started dating when social media and Tinder weren’t a thing, and it seemed so much simpler back then. But the 80’s are now nothing more than a spec in the rearview mirror of life, and the dating scene isn’t what it used to be, which is why so many Youtube vloggers have taken to dispensing dating and relationship advice.

OurDatingTips.com is video blog that features the latest videos from the best dating experts on Youtube. The blog is perfect for both singles and couples as it features both dating and relationship advice. It’s also updated on a daily basis, so the content is always fresh and news.

The Tiny Nibbles Sex Blog

Tiny Nibbles Sex Blog

All of the sex blogs featured in this post are special in their own right, but this last one really strikes a chord with me. Violet Blue is amazing. She has this amazing ability to uncover the creme de la creme of the alt-porn scene. Her articles expose a side of the adult industry that’s often lost behind the never endless stream of mass produced tube porn. She shines a light on what’s sexy, provocative, inspiring, and most importantly, accurate. That last adjective might come across as somewhat out of place, but in an age of fake-everything, it’s nice to see a sex blogger who takes pride in the accuracy of her work.

You can read her blog at TinyNibbles.com

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