SkyPrivate – A great new service to meet women who love to chat using Skype

Came across this great new website that I just had to share with independent cam girls and the men who love to play with them. The service is called SkyPrivate and features thousands of true amateur cam girls who work from their home bedrooms using Skype. This service presents some interesting benefits for both performers and customers. Let’s look into them.

Skype Cam GirlsFor performers, it solves the age old problem of payment processing when working as an independent cam girl. As most webcam models will tell you, it’s a very bad idea to use Paypal for any sex related services. That goes for customers as well. But SkyPrivate makes all those issues go away. And more. You see, the service sell credits to customers which they can use to connect with independent webcam models. This has two major benefits. First, the customer information and identity is never shared with the performer. By the same token, the performers identity is never shared with the client. This means that the SkyPrivate platform offers a layer of privacy and anonymity for both the client and service provider. That’s important. Second, the service handles all payment processing, which means that cam girls can forget about the hassle of building their own website and signup up with multiple payment processors. That headache is gone. SkyPrivate does it all for you. It’s a complete turnkey system for independent webcam models. Best of all, models get to keep a generous 75% of their earnings. That’s among the best rates in the industry, by far. Not keen of being seen on webcam? You can use the service to offer phone sex over Skype instead. That’s an easy and discreet way to earn some extra money in your free time.

Once models signup with the service, they can set their own prices and build their very own profile page with full support for picture galleries. This is much easier than building your own website. Once your profile is completed, you can share it over social media and start working for customers right away. Now, I know that there are tons of other options for independent cam girls such as Chaturbate and other free services. But here’s where this approach is different. When you perform on Chaturbate, you’re exposed to thousands of viewers in free chat. For some performers, that’s not a problem. In fact, the more viewers they’re exposed to, the more tips they earn. But some girls prefer a more discreet approach when it comes to offering webcam sex services. That’s where SkyPrivate really shines because it limits your exposure to your client via a one on one Skype video call. And as far as your profile pictures are concerned, you can show as little or as much as you want. Point is, you’re in control. And finally, because you’re connecting directly with your client over Skype, you’ll both enjoy crystal clear video which isn’t being share with thousands of other viewers. And remember, you can also work both on Chaturbate and SkyPrivate – just don’t use Chaturbate to book shows on SkyPrivate as that would be a violation of their terms of use.

For customers, SkyPrivate offers a virtual playground of true independent cam girls looking for one on one hookups. But it also offers privacy and convenience. You start by creating a free ID and then adding money to your account using one of several accepted payment methods. And no worries, the billing is very discreet. All that will appear on your statement is “*PPM INTERN”. And your identity is never shared with the performer – that’s important for your privacy. But it gets even better. When you connect with a performer, a status box appears on your desktop with a timer and display of how much you’re spending in real time. And yes, while video to video calls are available, you can also choose not to broadcast your webcam, or even enjoy some voice only Skype phone sex. The choice is yours, you’re in complete control.

In terms of model selection, well lets just say the sky is the limit. There are thousands of girls to choose from, and the SkyPrivate Model Directory shows which models are currently online if you’re in the mood for some instant action. The directory also displays the price that each models charges, and trust us, there are many great deals to be had here. Tons of girls only charge $1 per minute, and you’ll even find some couples who’ll follow your every perverted command at very attractive price points. The service is almost like UBER for webcam sex. What we like the most is that you’ll find girls from all over the world, and they are all age verified, so you can play in confidence. Some of the girls come across as the shy girl next door, while others seem ready to perform even the kinkiest of request. In short, there is something for everyone here. Here a great tip to find girls to play with – go to Twitter, and search for SkyPrivate. Make sure to view the live results. You’ll see many girls listed that are ready to play. Easy as 1-2-3.

So how is SkyPrivate different than Chaturbate? Well, both are great services and are sure to please. Chaturbate is a crowd sourced experience, where you watch along with thousands of other users – which means you don’t get to call the shots. SkyPrivate on the other hand is like the girlfriend experience of webcam sex. It’s more intimate, and the model is totally focused on you and your requests. It’s a much more personal type of encounter. One that’s closer to having a secret, virtual girlfriend. On Chaturbate, you’re one among thousands. With a SkyPrivate girl, your the one and only guy. Slide on your headset, chat, make requests. You’re the director of your very own sex show.

Along with CamPlayFriends and SexPlayCam, SkyPrivate is a great way to meet new Skype sex contacts. While the former may cost less, it’s much faster to find a chat partner on SkyPrivate. Keep an eye on our site as we feature some of our favorite independent cam girls in future blog posts.

For more information, visit the SkyPrivate website today.

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