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SaucyTime Facetime Webcam Sex Directory is one of the most popular FaceTime webcam sex platforms, launched shortly after the iPad2 was introduced. It has since built a membership totaling almost 100,000 users. SaucyTime is one of a handful of sites that works exclusively with published glamor models and enterprising cam girls, working with both PC based streaming and mobile sites to cater for customer hardware preference.

While SaucyTime’s offering is high in quality – it is, as with other premium services, lower in model numbers (with around 60 models on the site and 10-15 available at any time). This number drops outside of UK hours with a smaller number of models covering both the USA and Asia, from those areas. Each model features a portfolio of images and a detailed personal biography. Instead of concentrating on the particular sexual preferences of the performer, the biography information is laid out in a far more personable and friendly format with models sharing their favorite holiday destinations, taste in food and wholesome, true-to-life facts. This makes a natural conversation far easier for those individuals interested in striking up a conversation and building a friendship over a ‘show’.

Registered members (meaning those with some transaction history) are able to message any of the girls free of charge as frequently as they like. This facility enables customers to check the models’ levels, or to pre-agree on any particular fantasy/fetish before a call is booked, saving any embarrassment and/or time during the actual call. For the model, this confirms that the customer has utilized the service and is not simply looking for a free chat. is not just a web application designed for the iPad / iPhone, it employs FaceTime as the streaming conduit for all bookings. Once a member selects the length of the call (a minimum of 5 minutes costs £10), the model then initiates the FaceTIme call and connects with the member. There are no tips, tokens or additional charges which can be a little irritating on competing sites, although if the call is going well don’t be surprised if the model suggests booking a little more time! In the absence of any premium upgrades and with all calls being private, you only pay for your time and enjoy the call. Models work to different levels beginning at topless. There are no other rules (aside from being nice), but crucially there is a level of privacy guaranteed by a secure one on one FaceTime call that monitored streaming sites cannot offer. What happens on a call is at the discretion of consenting adults, as they say. Or what happens on FaceTime, stays on FaceTime.

Facetime Webcam Sex

All models featured on SaucyTime have high speed and/or fiber connections and a minimum of an iPhone5 device. This virtually guarantees a high clarity calls in 720p. The front camera, also known as the FaceTime camera has been much improved. The 1.2-megapixel camera’s resolution of the iPhone6 remains the same from the 5S, but now has a slightly faster f/2.2 aperture which gives a slightly better picture quality along with the ability to control the light temperature from the FaceTime camera. It will be interesting to see what the iPhone8 brings in terms of improvements, but one thing is for certain, for convenience, quality, and innovation, FaceTime and SaucyTime are a winning combination for the discerning camgirl enthusiasts.

SaucyTime adds new models regularly to keep the line-up fresh but there is no option to register for aspiring cam girls.  Interviews with a female director of the company are required and conducted over Facetime. is also delighted to announce the addition of SaucyTime VR – the only VR Webcam service streaming in True Live Stereoscopic 3D 180° VR. You can now book private VR calls with a select number of models for the same price as a FaceTime call.

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