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Cam girls who perform using full HD video streams

There’s no doubt that the webcam sex industry has come of age over the last few years. New entrants in the cybersex business sector have introduced new products and innovative monetization strategies that have left some of the old guard playing catch up with their aging wares.

Today we’re happy to feature a new webcam sex service that’s looking to cater to enthusiasts by offering a combination of superior video quality and affordable pricing.

The new service is called The site features an impressive collection of webcam models who perform using both the traditional per minute model, as well as the new affordable Gold Show model. We like this, as it offers both the intimacy of a one on one webcam encounter and the affordability of crowdsourced sex shows. In other words, a little something for everyone.

But what really sets this site apart from the competition is the quality of the video feeds. We’re talking about full-screen, crystal-clear HD video that is the most immersive we’ve ever encountered. And we’ve evaluated lots of different services. The only caveat is that like most high-end webcam sex services, the site uses Adobe Flash to deliver their buttery smooth, high frame rates. For this reason, we strongly recommend using the Goolge Chrome web browser for a superior viewing experience.

An important note on video quality

When browsing the models on, you might come across the occasional model with blurry, washed out video. This is caused by an anomaly that can sometimes happen with the video rendering engine. To correct the blurry video, simply hit the refresh button at the bottom right corner of the video window – you’ll be back to enjoying HD video in no time! refresh button

The great money saver – Crowdsourced Gold Shows

One of the reasons we love this site so much is that they let you enjoy full screen, HD webcam sex shows at very affordable price points. This is because the service offers crowdsourced, live sex shows called Gold Shows. The concept is very easy to understand. A performer will offer a live sex show of a set duration, specifying what sex acts she will perform for her audience. The performer also sets a target in terms of how many viewers need to purchase a ticket to her show before it begins. This is a lot of fun, as you can hang out and chat with the model for free until she meets her quota of ticket sales. The good news is that most of these

This is a lot of fun, as you can hang out and chat with the model for free until she meets her quota of ticket sales. The good news is that most of these Gold Show tickets only cost a few dollars, therefore you can watch several of them for less than $20. This model might actually offer more value than sites that operate using tokens as tips. The bonus here is that the video quality is so much better than what you’ll experience on other sites. It really does make all the difference in the world.

So what happens if a model doesn’t sell her full quota of tickets? No worries, you’re fully protected. The model can elect to start the show with a smaller audience, or she can cancel her performance at which time all monies are automatically refunded to ticket holders. We really like this, as it makes the service 100% risk-free.

The Girlfriend Experience – truly immersive, one-on-one webcam sex encounters

For those who prefer a more intimate encounter, the service features an impressive selection of models from just about any 18+ age group. The price points are in line with industry averages, but you get so much more value for your money due to the sheer quality of the video feeds. This is a webcam service that almost makes you feel like you’re in the room with the performer. It’s hard to put into words how immersive and intimate the experience can be. This truly is webcam sex on a whole new level. It needs to be experienced to be believed. Fortunately, you can try it out for free, as several models offer free chat sessions for both registered guests.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post and the rest of the content on our blog. For those of you interested in webcam dating, we strongly recommend reading How to Meet New Skype Sex Chat Partners.

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