Mr. Hairy Brit – An adult industry video podcast well worth following on Youtube

An adult industry video podcast well worth following on Youtube

A few months ago I started a new tube site called The site features sexy videos from some of the most celebrated names on Youtube. I wanted to create a curated collection of sex positive videos that celebrated sexuality in both mainstream and adult media.

One thing I love about being an adult video content curator is that I get to discover amazing new people and performers every single day. And today I want to introduce you all to one such person. His name is Mr. Hairy Brit and he’s the talent behind the very funny and popular MrHairyBrit #NSFW #Funny #News #Vlogs Youtube channel.

Mr. Hairy Brit on YoutubeAs the name implies, his VLOG is all about his own witty take on sex in the news. Whether it’s a commentary on sex in the mainstream media, or breaking news from the adult industry, he delivers the goods multiple times a week in his own humorous fashion. Regardless of whether you’re an adult performer, or a fan of the porn industry, his video podcast is a much watch.

One note before we go any further. His observations are always very entertaining and well thought out. But they are also really, really funny. Hope you enjoy his work. We certainly did.

So what can you expect from his shows?  Well, here’s a peek at some of his recent videos:

Yes, creepy clowns are all the rage and now they’ve invaded the porn industry. Here’s Mr. Hairy Brit’s take on this new trend.

Vagina face masks? Yep, there’s such a thing. And Mr. Hairy Brit’s opinion on them is too funny for words!

Youtubers work hard to produce amazing content every week. If you enjoy these videos, make sure to visit Mr. Hairy Brits Youtube page and subscribe to his channel and vote for his videos with a big fat click on the LIKE and SUBSCRIBE buttons!

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