Can you make money on Chaturbate without showing your face?

One of the big concerns that new models have is the fear of being recognized while performing on Chaturbate. And it’s a very legitimate concern. Chaturbate is without doubt the most popular webcam site on the internet and chances are someone you know is fan of the service. Yes, there are geoblocking tools available, but they are easily defeated with any one of many web proxy services. Therefore, don’t get into webcam modeling thinking that you’ll never be recognized. That’s nothing more than gambling with your privacy, and it’s a bet that doesn’t always favor the performer.

So can you make money on Chaturbate while maintaining your anonymity? While it’s impossible to achieve 100% anonymity, it is possible to reduce the risk of being recognized by employing some or all of the following strategies. Best of all, sometimes creating a sexy persona can actually increase your Chaturbate earnings while helping with privacy issues.Make money on Chaturbate


As the following video demonstrates (Adult performers with and without makeup), and as many of you already know, wearing makeup can radically change your appearance, especially when used in conjunction with some of the other tips listed below. In fact, you can use makeup to create your own online persona. Back in the day when Kiss first burst out on the glam rock scene, very few people would have recognized the band members without their makeup on. This strategy can work for you as well. Simply create a unique look using different color makeup and stick with it – this will not only be your new persona, it will become your personal brand. The only drawback is that you’ll need extra time to put on your makeup every time you perform. This can be inconvenient, but worth it if it buys you extra privacy.


Many webcam models use wigs to not only change their hair color, but also their hairstyle. The trick is to find a hair piece that properly fits. Nobody wants to watch a webcam model who spends more time adjusting her wig than performing for her audience. And don’t be afraid to go a bit wild here. Lots of models are performing with hot pink wigs which help attract attention to their profile pic when they’re listed on the user grid of the Chaturbate homepage.

If you use a wig, keep in mind that some webcam sex fans prefer it when the carpet matches the drapes – so you might want to consider shaving your pubic hair to complete the look and please your viewers.


Another popular privacy accessory is the use of a face mask. Like other strategies, the devil is in the details here. Done right, you can create a truly engaging persona, as Chaturbate performer Cosplay Kerry has done. She’s done a great job of leveraging her love of Cosplay into a sizable following. She succeeded because she went all in with the fetish.

Back to masks. The best way to succeed when webcam modeling with a mask is to incorporate the prop into your online persona. Be the CatWoman, or maybe a Geisha mixed with a female version of the Phantom of the Opera. Don’t just wear a mask for the sake of wearing a mask. Make it part of a larger picture. A single element in your sexy online maskerade.


One of the most important elements in building an online persona is your choice of lingerie, or preferably, a nice sexy outfit. Think sexy cheerleader, nurse or even maybe cowgirl. You get the idea. Just visit discreet shopping sites such as Adam & Eve that carry a wide variety of sexy costumes. When selecting a design for your online persona, be careful to ensure that your costume blends well with your choice of wig, makeup and mask. Attention to detail is important when crafting an new camgirl look.

Bringing it all together

So yes, using various strategies can allow you to earn money on Chaturbate without showing your face. The trick is to employ various strategies to disguise your appearance. No solution is perfect, but when it comes to webcam model privacy, a little imagination can go a long way. And remember, your new look will become your online branding; stick with it, and be consistent in using it. You can tweak it to make it better, but always be true to the core persona.

Do you have additional advice to share with prospective webcam models? Why not share your tips in our comment section.

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