Is webcam sex allowed on Periscope?

Real time video and a captive audience that can grow¬†organically in a very short span of time. What’s not to love. You’d think that Periscope was the perfect medium for webcam sex. But think again. The service has a zero tolerance policy for any type of adult behavior on the service. Their terms of use specify that “users are forbidden from posting pornographic or overtly sexual content”. But that doesn’t mean that periscope can’t be a useful tool for cam girls; it simply means that you must keep your actions well within the service’s navigational beacons. While you can’t perform sexual acts on Periscope, you can use the service to gain new followers. And this can help you develop a more immersive relationship with your fans. Let me explain.

Periscope Webcam Sex Followers

Too many cam girls think that all guys are interested in is a pretty face and hot body. But that’s only half true. Successful cam girls know that while good looks might get viewers into their chat room, it’s their personalities that close the deal. This is why cam girls need to get a Twitter account and start communicating with their fans in a non sexual manner. I know, it seems counter intuitive, but your fans aren’t only interested in your body, they also want to find out more about the person behind the online persona. And that’s the perfect opportunity to leverage Periscope to grow your fan base. Yes, you can start a blog and share fun tidbits about your personal life. But let’s face it. Real time video offers a live window that is so much more immersive that the written word. It’s the perfect tool to help you forge new bonds with people who’ve just discovered you.

So what can cam girls do on Periscope, given it’s a pretty much a one way, online TV show type of service?

Answer fan questions:

Have your fans submit questions and broadcast a 10-15 minute fully clothed show answering their queries. Be honest, be yourself, show them the other side of your personality. Just make sure to keep the language above board.

Review a product:

Tell your fans about a cool new app you’re using, or even about a new book you’re reading. People will bond with you on a whole new level, which will entice them to spend more time with you in front of your webcam.

Show off some sexy outfits:

Put on a sexy non nude fashion show. Show off your latest sexy outfits and accessories. Simply put together five outfits and change in and out of them while on cam. Just make sure to keep your bra and panties on.

Dance Baby Dance:

Get crazy and twerk. Or go slow and sensual. Put on a nice sexy outfit and slow dance for your fans. You’ve got a great body, whether clothed or naked. So don’t be shy, show it off!


Periscope can help cam girls reach a whole new audience. The trick is to be engaging and sexy, but not sexual. Let your personality shine through, make people want to know more about you. And never forget, at the end of your broadcast, to let your viewers know that you’re a cam girl – new Periscope followers who might have started watching your broadcast half way through your presentation might not know that. A make sure that your Twitter profile has a direct link to your cam girl profile page. The whole point here is to gain new fans, and offer additional content to your existing follower base.

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