Interview with Colombian webcam model Charlennee

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Today we have the pleasure to introduce you to Colombian webcam model Charlennee. Chaturbate is very much an international company, and today’s interview focuses on the benefits of sex work for performers from Latin America.

You can visit her Chaturbate profile at

You are very fit. You’re beautiful. You’re bilingual – you speak both Spanish and English – tell us about your audience – are they mostly European or North American? Is Chaturbate as big in Europe as it is in North America?

Thank you very much!! Chaturbate is absolutely big in Europe. I have an audience that is truly international and from many different countries: USA, Spain, Holland, Germany, Scotland, UK, Turkey even from Australia.  The majority of my followers are mainly from Europe. I think it depends on my broadcast Schedule. I’m from Colombia and I perform in the afternoon, so I cover the european demographic when they are enjoying their evening.

Chaturbate is now very much an international company with both viewers and performers from all over the world. Do you feel that online adult entertainment is helping women lead better lives, especially in countries with a lower standard of living?

Yes, I agree. Many countries have a lot of problems, and unemployment is always a determining factor. Also, many professions are devalued, and the cost of living is always increasing. For example, if you’re an engineer, a physician, or even a lawyer, you could find a job in your profession, but many employers offer very low salaries. It’s not fair to earn so little, therefore many people seek out the better opportunities offered by the adult entertainment industry.

Many webcam models have links on their profile page to their Amazon wish list – how often do webcam models receive gifts from their fans?

I think it depends on the model’s popularity and the level of fan loyalty she commands. I’m not the most popular, but I have a very loyal fan who sends me gifts each month – we have a great relationship that has grown over time.

What advice would you have for men and women who are considering a webcam modeling career?

Don’t give up. Learn a new language (English is very important). Be patient, hopeful, and kind. Get rid of all the shame and prejudgements; enjoy this, because it’s not easy to find a fun “job” where you can be yourself and meet a lot of nice people who love you just the way you are.

You can visit Charlennee on Chaturbate at

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