Hugh Hefner – Ten facts you might not know about Playboy’s founding father

A tribute to Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner wore many hats. He was an advocate for sexual liberation and freedom of expression. He was a political activist and philanthropist. He was also a successful businessman who wasn’t afraid to take risks.

Hugh Hefner changed America and the world. His legacy will be felt for generations to come. Today, we want to share ten interesting facts about the man whose vision helped shape the sexual revolution.

  1. Hugh Hefner was a pretty smart guy. He graduated in 1949 from the University of Illinois with a bachelor of Arts in psychology and a double minor in creative writing and art.
  2. He once worked for Esquire magazine as a copywriter. He left the job after being denied a $5 raise.
  3. His mother invested $1000 of her own money to help Hugh start Playboy Magazine. Hugh later shared that his mother didn’t invest because she believed in the product, but because she believed in her son.
  4. Playboy magazine was originally going to be called “Stag Party”. The first issue was published in December of 1953 and featured nude photos from Marilyn Monroe’s 1949 calendar. The issue sold more than 50,000 copies.
  5. Hugh Hefner never met Marilyn Monroe but purchased the crypt next to hers in 1992 for $75,000. There is no word yet if that’s where he will be laid to rest.
  6. Hugh Hefner was a strong supporter of gay rights and admitted to experimenting with bisexuality.
  7. Hugh was first married in 1949 to Mildred Williams. She confessed to having an affair while Hugh was away during military service, an admission that Hugh described as the most devastating moment of his life. They were divorced in 1959.
  8. Hugh Hefner purchased the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles California in 1971 and moved there permanently in 1975.
  9. Hugh Hefner was instrumental in the fundraising efforts aimed at restoring the famed Hollywood sign and preserving its surrounding lands.
  10. Hugh was somewhat of an animal rights activist and supported many animal rescue organizations.

Hugh Hefner was loved by many. For many of us, his magazine was part of our sexual awakening. It was a time when the adult industry was more about being “sexy”, a time when it teased and left much to our imagination. But it lit a fire under our burning desire for freedom of expression and liberty.

Hugh Hefner changed America and the world. We will miss him dearly, but the freedoms he fought for will be forever cherished.

Rest in peace Hugh.

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