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It’s no secret that men love watching two women having sex with each other. In fact, surveys show that even women enjoy lesbian porn. And when it comes to webcam sex, live lesbian sex shows are in high demand. Today we are featuring lesbian webcam sex performers from one of our favorite sites,

First off, a little background on the site. CamContacts is kind of a hybrid service. On the one hand, it’s an introduction service that connects men with amateur cam girls from all over the world. So in that sense, it’s not a traditional webcam sex site. On the other hand, once you find a girl (or girls) that you want to chat with, CamContacts takes care of payment processing and getting both you and your playmates into a private video chatroom. It all comes together rather well and features amazing support for mobile devices, so you can take your virtual girlfriend on the road with you when out of town.

As you can see from the listing below, there is no shortage of attractive lesbian couples to play with:

To use Camcontacts, you need to create an account which required credit card verification. There are a few benefits to this. The first is that you only need to fund one account to connect with multiple girls. And with prices starting as low as $1 per minute, a little funding goes a long way. This helps protect your confidentiality, as your account details are only shared with CamContacts, and not with individual models. The second benefit is that models who perform on CamContacts don’t have to worry about time wasters. Men who engage with them in free chat have funded accounts, so they know to treat them right.

The performers on CamContacts are mostly amateur girls who use the service to earn extra money in their spare time. Some girls offer hardcore sex shows, while others offer online companionship. The site truly caters to a wide range of niches. It’s the reason why CamContacts is considered one of the best online Virtual Girlfriend matchmaking services. Many men, both single and married, use the service to discreetly connect with girls seeking virtual sugar daddies. And don’t think for a minute that this type of service is expensive. Quite to the contrary. Many of the girls on CamContacts come from developing countries where earning $1 a minute is a lot of money. They will be most happy to perform just about any sex act you request. Some are wild. Some are new to webcam modeling and somewhat shy. But that’s what makes the site so much fun – you really get to meet a large variety of girls from all over the world.

Here are a few tips to follow when looking for lesbian webcam sex shows on CamContacts:

  • Engage the performers in free chat and ask lots of questions. Make sure that they are truly lesbian or bisexual and are comfortable having sex with each other while you watch. Some girls might fake it, while others who are new to webcam sex might get first-time jitters. By conversing with them, you’ll quickly get a sense of whether they’re the real deal, or not.
  • Spell out specifically what sex acts you expect the girls to perform for you. Let them know that you expect clear viewing angles, unobstructed by either clothing or long hair.
  • Make sure that they understand that you are directing the live sex show, in terms of both content and pacing. You decide when they kiss, when they start undressing, and which performer does what to the other. Make sure they are both comfortable with giving and receiving oral sex.
  • If you enjoy watching two girls use sex toys, make sure to mention it in free chat before the show. Same goes for outfits. I like to start my shows with both girls completely naked. Others may prefer slow, deep kissing with lots of foreplay. To each his how – just make sure to spell everything out to the performers in free chat.

While directing your very own lesbian sex show is lots of fun, let’s not forget about solo cam girls. CamContacts features hundreds of amateur girls who love getting naked for some extra spending money. We love playing with newbies who are new to webcam modeling. They tend to be a little shy, but it’s so much fun to watch them get naked for a stranger for the first time. We love to see how far they’re willing to go to please their clients.

Here’s a sample of some of the solo girls you can play with on CamContacts:

We have no problem recommending if you’re seeking either a Virtual Girlfriend or just like to connect and play with a variety of amateur webcam models. Whether you enjoy connecting with girls new to webcam sex, or married women looking to earn extra money while their husbands are at work, CamContacts has something for everyone. Updates

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