How to achieve stunning video quality on Chaturbate

Found this great video on Youtube and I just had to share it. The video was produced by Youtube VLOG performer Channon Rose (a great channel to follow by the way).

The first thing you’ll notice about Channon’s videos (and those of popular Youtube performers) is that her video quality is amazing. And in the following video, Channon shares how she achieved such amazing quality using mostly off the shelf products purchased from both Amazon and Home Depot.

I’ve often stated that top earning Chaturbate webcam models usually invest in best of breed cameras and lighting equipment to achieve their superior results. Turns out you can pretty much mimic what Channon does with the exception that your camera will need to be able to output video to an HDMI video capture device in order to use it for real-time broadcast. Yes, she uses a DSLR, but you could also use something like a GoPro camera. Is this solution more expensive that a regular webcam? Yes, quite a bit more expensive. But the one-time investment will quickly pay for itself as your webcam modelling earnings increase.

So why are DSLR’s and GoPro’s better for webcam models? Simply put, it’s all about light sensor size. Webcams are pretty small devices, therefore they have smaller sensors that capture less light. Yes, they do technically achieve HD quality, but their sensors are so small that the captured image is often somewhat grainy. DSLR’s and GoPro’s on the other hand, feature larger image sensors, which capture more light and produce higher-quality video. As stated before, you will need an internal or external HDMI video capture card to feed the video to your computer and Chaturbate. Do note that if you decide to use an external capture card, ensure that both the capture card and computer use USB 3 – USB 2 is too slow for real-time HD video transfer.

So with all the technical information out of the way, I invite to watch this great video. The advice contained within it is very relevant to Chaturbate models and will help you make more money as a webcam model.

How to make money as a Chaturbate model.

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