How Chaturbate performers can earn more money off-camera in 2017

How to earn extra money on ChaturbateHow to earn extra money on Chaturbate

I’ve written several articles in the past with respect to helping Chaturbate performers increase their on-camera earnings. Today’s blog post is a bit different. It’s all about passive income or earning income while not performing in front of the camera.

Chaturbate performers have incredible earning potential. Eyeballs are the currency of the internet. The more followers you have on your profile page, the more potential you have to earn. It’s a pretty straight- forward equation. Problem is, too many performers are leaving money on the table by not monetizing their fan base as well as they could. Today, I want to share some strategies that performers can use to turn those eyeballs into tangible revenue streams.

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Chaturbate Income Strategy #1 – The obvious – Sell picture and video sets

The first strategy should come as no surprise to anyone. Selling your own media, whether it be photos or videos, is a great way to monetize your Chaturbate profile page. The secret to recurring sales is to provide engaging content in a high-quality format. Many have told me that using AnyVids is the better way to go as it supports larger file sizes and better quality. I’m not going to dwell on this strategy as it’s quite familiar to current performers. But I will recommend that you focus on delivery the highest quality photos and videos. Investing in a GoPro camera might be a wise decision if content sales are part of your income strategy.

And don’t limit yourself to explicit content. Several stock photography sites such as Fotolia accept erotic (not explicit) content. So book a session with a professional photographer, shoot some content, and start uploading. Expect to earn between $0.50 to $3.50 for every photo you sell. And trust me, the sales add up very quickly and you’ll earn royalties from your work over the long term.

Here is the type of content you want to aim for:

Power tip:

Try to shoot photos where you don’t show your face. This not only protects your privacy, but you also won’t need to fill out a model release when you upload your photos.

Chaturbate Income Strategy #2 – Sell audio sex stories

The great thing about selling content is that you create it once, and then sell it over and over again. I’ve always wondered why Chaturbate never embraced an additional form of content that I believe would be a big hit with cam girl fans – audio sex stories.

Cam girls, guys and even couples have incredible sex lives. Why not create MP3 audio files, about 20 minutes in length, recalling your wildest sexual adventures. Or even muse about what a perfect threesome would be like. The topic possibilities are endless, and I’m sure fans would love to download these MP3’s to their mobile devices for private listening in their spare time. Upload samples to a Youtube Channel and then link to your digital sales page from the video description. Or even promote your audio stories on blogs such as

The best part of this strategy is that it’s really easy and cheap to create MP3 audio files. Simply purchase an audio headset, download a free copy of Audacity, and record away. Want to make even more money? Why not sell your audio stories on adult marketplaces, or even Amazon (just keep those on the erotic side). Point is, create once, sell everywhere. This is a great way to earn extra tokens on Chaturbate!

Another strategy to consider is offering adult-friendly voice over services on Fiverr. There are lots of people offering voice over gigs on Fiverr, but very few females are willing to do any type of work related to adult content. This is where you have an edge. Start a gig offering sexy, adult friendly voice over services and watch the orders come rolling in. Best of all, the longer the script, the more money you can earn.

Chaturbate Income Strategy #3 – The Big Fish – Start your own blog

I’m quite surprised that so few Chaturbate performers have a personal blog. They are by far the most effective tool you can use to monetize your follower base. You are reading my blog right now. I want you to have a look at the right sidebar. What you’ll find there are affiliate links. These are links from companies who pay me a 50% commission for any customers I refer to them. You might be surprised to learn that I earn thousands of dollars every month from these banners. In fact, I’ve done so for several years.

But here’s the kicker. Chaturbate performers have the ability to drive far more traffic to their personal blog than I do as a non-performer. All that would be required is a direct link to your blog from the About Me section of your Chaturbate profile page.

The key here is to update your blog with fresh content at least 3 times per week. And if you think you need to post nude photos of yourself all over your blog, think again. The best strategy you can follow with your personal blog is to simply create a personal diary of activities you engage in both on and off cam. People want to know the real you, the person behind the performer. Your real life blog and online personality will feed off each other in an amazing way. People who know you as a performer will discover a whole new side of you, while people who discover you via your blog’s organic search traffic will be curious to see the sexier side of you on cam. Best of all, you’ll be earning a whole lot of money from affiliate links.

So I know what you’re thinking, this all sounds good, but it must be super complicated. Well, actually, it’s much easier than you might think. Your blog will cost you between $5 – $10 a month for web hosting, and your domain name will cost $10 a year, every year. Chump change when you consider how much you’ll earn from it.

All you have to do is the following:

  • Choose a domain name for your blog.  Example:
  • Open a hosting account on Hostgator (they are adult friendly) using your chosen domain name.
  • Use the one-click install function to install WordPress on your blog
  • Choose a theme (look) for your blog
  • Signup with affiliate programs and post their banners in your blog sidebar
  • Start writing and earning money

Here’s a link to the Hostgator information page – use it today to get your blog online ASAP!

Chaturbate Income Strategy #4 – Start your very own Youtube Channel

You’re a natural in front of the camera on Chaturbate, so why not go mainstream as well. As stated before, eyeballs are the currency of the Internet, and Youtube has plenty to go around.

Create a Youtube channel and start VLOGGING about dating, relationships, current affairs, celebrity opinions. Again, the topic possibilities are endless. You’ll quickly gain new fans, and you’ll be able to share those lucrative affiliate links in your video descriptions. And imagine how blown away your viewers will be when they discover that the vanilla Youtube girl they’ve been watching also performs on Chaturbate. Synergy is a powerful thing.

Chaturbate Income Strategy #5 – Grow as many social media channels as you can

Twitter. Snapchat. Instagram. Tumblr. I’m sure you can think of a few more. Be everywhere. Harvest those eyeballs, then share quality affiliate offers with your fans. The more channels you grow, the more money you’ll make. It’s really that simple. Use these channels to drive traffic to your blog and earn even more from your affiliate offers.

Conclusion – Start monetizing your Chaturbate followers today!

Chaturbate model signup information

Being a Chaturbate model is very lucrative in and of itself. But as your follower count rises, you’ll now have some easy to implement strategies to further monetize your fan base. Not doing so is simply leaving money on the table. From experience, I know that the hardest step is always the first one. So make a point of taking action today. Take the first step. You’ll be amazed when you discover the monetization potential of your following. And trust me – you’ll never look back. You’re already amazing – you just need to let it shine through.

One last thing…

I hope you enjoyed this article, and I truly hope it brings new prosperity and wealth your way. It takes time to research and write these types of posts, and I would really appreciate if you took a minute to share this content with your Twitter and Facebook followings. You can find my share links at the bottom of this article.

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Wishing you all the best in 2017.

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