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Today I have the pleasure of featuring another sexy couple who performs on Chatubate. SexyKittyCouple are a very fit and professional couple who have been very successful on Chaturbate. They both have amazing bodies and today they share their own secrets of how to earn more money on Chaturbate.

SexyKittyCouple on Chaturbate
Chaturbate Performers SexyKittyCouple

Chaturbate allows performers to sell their own picture sets and videos, which you do. Would you recommend other performers do this to increase their revenue stream?

We would definitely recommend other broadcasters to sell pictures/videos. While selling content directly through chaturbate can be a great way to increase revenue during a show, we would not recommend uploading the video directly to the site. Chaturbate only allows short/low quality videos so a better route might be to provide a link to the video on a different site that the user can receive after they tip. Also, many broadcasters use sites like ManyVids to sell content through and it works out really well for them, although personally we don’t use hosting sites because they take full ownership of all content and that’s not something we’re comfortable with. For us, the best videos we make are custom videos that people can request by emailing us directly at Custom videos allow for a more personalized experience for the user and we get to explore different fetishes which is always fun!

Question 2.
When you perform online, do you pre-plan your shows, or do you simply go with the flow?

Probably 90% of the time we go online our shows are totally unplanned until about 5 minutes before we broadcast. We both have very busy schedules outside of performing on webcam so it’s challenging for us to devote time to really sit down and plan new & exciting things for our shows. Many people don’t realize it but the planning, filming videos/taking photos, editing, emailing fans, and of course broadcasting are all very time consuming–webcam modelling really is a full time job! We are both really excited for this spring and summer where our schedules will open up and we’ll be able to come online a lot more. We have so many ideas for different games and raffles we are going to do so stay tuned!

Question 3.
You’re both very physically fit, and that takes work and dedication. Do you feel that your fitness level results in better financial returns on Chaturbate?

Honestly when we first started webcam modelling (very sporadically) last summer we thought we would have a huge advantage over other couples because of our fitness level but we quickly came to realize that is simply not the case. While our appearance many get us more viewers initially, it doesn’t have too much of an effect on who tips us and especially who sticks around and supports us long term. We have noticed that no matter how good we may look on any particular day we get much better results by being upbeat, friendly, playful and sexy. We could look great that day but if we are disconnected, bored, or otherwise distracted then people are much less interested than they otherwise would be. That’s not to say that it’s not a factor though, webcam modelling is very physically oriented so you should always try to look your best but that alone can only take you so far.

Question 4.
What recommendations / advice would you have for potential broadcasters in terms of lighting, webcams and internet speeds?

This is something that took us a while to really figure out, and we’re still working on it, but this is one of the most important aspects for any broadcaster. The biggest piece of advice on this topic is don’t be afraid to spend some extra money getting high quality equipment! It is well worth it in the long run. Having good lighting, high speed internet, and a high definition webcam are all crucial aspects of being a successful cam model. We personally use the Logitech C920 and it works great. When we first joined Chaturbate we used an old webcam and harsh overhead lighting–not a good look! We recommend always using front facing lighting and never just overhead; we find it cancels out any shadows, give a brighter look, and is just more flattering in general. Another huge factor in cam modeling is Internet speed. Without fast internet it is impossible to have an HD show even with the best webcam on the market. Still, even if you have fast internet or an expensive package it may not be everything that you need. It is important to check upload speeds and not just download, since streaming a live show is dependent on superior upload speed. This is important to keep in mind because having a great show cut off in the middle because of an Internet crash is a huge source of frustration! This is something that we unfortunately have had to learn the hard way but we’re taking steps to fix it now!

Thank you for sharing.

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