Review: The Fleshlight Launch – a male masturbation sex toy that actually works

Fleshlight Launch Review

Let’s face it. When it comes to sex toys, women have always had better options than men. Penetrative sex devices are simply easier to engineer than those needing to accommodate male genitals. Attempts at creating a functional male masturbatory device have met with varying degrees of success, both in terms of manufacturing quality and sensory effectiveness.

Nevertheless, years of trial and error, combined with a touch of persistence seem to have paid off. Men finally have access to a personal masturbation device that is actually quite good. Members of the XY chromosome club have finally reached sex toy equivalence with their female counterparts.

Introducing the Fleshlight Launch – a male masturbation sex device that actually works. The device, pictured below, features are large cylindrical stimulator that docks into what resembles are large Braun shaver dock. Needless to say, this is a compelling, if not portable, male sex toy. Not something you’ll be traveling with, but definitely a nice accouterment for your self-love toolkit.

The Launch is a companion device that both automates and simulates realistic thrusting using existing Fleshlight sex toys. You simply dock your Fleshlight (sold separately) into the Launch and use its capacitive touch controls to set both speed and stroke length to your desired preference. It’s also recommended that you use a water-based lube for best results. The device pairs with your smartphone via Bluetooth, enabling remote control of the device. Currently, you can sync the thrusting to a variety of pre-programmed adult videos as demonstrated in the video below. We have no doubt that the interactive capabilities of this device will become popular with webcam sex providers and couples engaged in long distance relationships.

A few notes about the device. It is rather large and heavy, trade-offs that are rewarded with a nice powerful, yet pleasing thrust – especially when a water-based lubricant is used. Because it uses a Fleshlight, cleaning is fast and easy. The device is easily charged using USB, but the charging period is rather lengthy – so plan ahead!

At $199, the Fleshlight Launch is priced competitively with premium female sex toys. Given its smart connectivity, expansive interactive features and tight integration with the popular Fleshlight, men can rest assured that a truly pleasurable and functional male masturbation device has finally arrived.

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