Feature Interview with Transsexual Chaturbate performer Rianna James

Feature Interview with Transsexual Chaturbate performer Rianna James

One of the things I love about Chaturbate is its inclusive environment. It’s a cyber sex playground that celebrates diversity. Everyone is welcome and celebrated, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. Today I have the pleasure of sharing an interview with Canadian transsexual webcam performer Rianna James, a true gem from the great white north.

Pornstar Rianna James

One of the things that make Chaturbate such a great cyber sex site is that it celebrates diversity by embracing all sexual orientations. As being both in the TS and Femdom niches, you cater to a very niche audience. Yet you’ve built an incredible following. Are you surprised at your success?

Chaturbate is surely shown that it celebrates diversity. What is most interesting to me is that I get a people with a range of sexual orientations and genders in my chat room. Yes, I do sex shows but to be honest, I think its just as much about being entertaining and inclusive of the great people in my chat room. If you’re having a good time and keeping the chat room fun. Gender expression doesn’t have to have as much importance.

With regards to FemDom, my shows are a range of kinks. I’ve always wanted to go to work and have fun. For me sex is fun. It is supposed to be fun. My shows often reflect my current mood. If I’m feeling aggressive and dominant they may lead to foot fetish shows or some pretty intense private shows with my guest at the time. I find that with a guest in free chat I just play around. I have no problem with a little impact play if that’s what I’m in the mood for. The energy in the room and requests from chatters can also very much change how the show goes. I’m surprised, amazed and thankful for my success every day.

You perform live, but also have your own website? Tell us about your site www.tsriannajames.com

I’ve always wanted to create my own style of porn. It is sort of a constant evolution, to be honest. I can be a strict Domme but I also just love to fuck and explore sexually. I guess my site is a little window into my kinky side. I live a kink life style 24/7 and it shows in the content I produce. Filming porn or scenes is about authenticity to me. I want my fans to see that it’s real. Like any new business, there’s a learning curve. Starting with a budget of about $3000, we’ve come so far. Better equipment has created a better-finished product.

If you’re at all kinky or curious and have a thing for tall transsexual women, sign up and give it a look. I also have a free blog attached to the site. When I’m not shooting or chatting I always try to find some time to update it. The blog is free and is the portal into the Professional Dominatrix side of my career.

Aside from being a performer, I’m sure you’re also a fan of other Chaturbate performers – what other performers do you admire on Chaturbate, and why?

I love watching Aubrey Bix (RideTheLine on Chaturbate) – she always puts on an entertaining show. She is fun to shoot porn with too.

I also love Cleopatra_sinns because she is so damn beautiful and sweet. Tskierstenbunnz is another sweat heart. I support people who seem to have similar values as I.

Who’s your typical follower or website member? Straight men, gay men, women? What attracts them to you?

Mostly straight men, bi men, and couples. I just don’t think gay men are really into women. What attracts them? My smile, personality, amazing tits and burning sexual energy? All of the above? I just answered your question with questions.

I have noticed that you recently have started doing couple shows under the ts category. Who do you work with most often?

Most often you’ll see me working with my partner Scott knight. He’s also a chaturbate performer. I enjoy working with other performers when I have the chance. It gives an opportunity to really put on a kinky and entertaining show. I’m sure there are guys out there that have laughed out loud while they were masturbating. I think that’s pretty awesome! Keep an eye out as I am looking forward to working with other performers in the near future.

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