Feature interview with new Chaturbate couple Jason & Jess

Today I have the pleasure to introduce a very attractive couple who are new to the Chaturbate community. Their names are Jason and Jess. This couple caught my eye because not only did they display an amazing chemistry for each on camera, but they also shared an incredible chemistry with their viewers. People love to watch performers who are genuinely in love with each other, and Jason & Jess always deliver a fun and enthusiastic show. Make sure to visit their profile page and hit their FOLLOW button. This is one couple you don’t want to miss!

LINK: Jason & Jess Chaturbate Profile Page

Caught your show for the first time last night. Your viewers were quite enthusiastic about your performance. The one thing many of your fans observed was the strong chemistry that exist between the two of you. It’s obvious that you’re a couple who’s very much in love with each other. Have you been a couple for very long?

We are very much in love with each other! We’ve only been together since Valentine’s Day of this year, but the connection we feel with each other is amazing. We can’t get enough of each other. Our love for each other grows more and more by the day. Jess constantly gets attacked by Jason when we’re together. He just can’t keep his hands off of her. Jess is completely infatuated by Jason and everything about him. He treats me like a rare diamond. Jess loves the fact that she still catches Jason checking her out like when they first met and when he gets caught he gets almost embarrassed for checking her out.

As a couple, how did you decide to take the plunge and perform live? Were you Chaturbate fans before you became performers?

Jason was a fan in the past and introduced Jess to it. He brought up the idea of performing and Jess loved it. Since she wasn’t able to work regular hours due to unfortunate circumstances. They were going through some financial issues due to her not being able to work and the only job she was able to get were jobs that required her to work nights. Meaning they wouldn’t get any time together. Performing was
the perfect way for them to make money so Jess didn’t have to get a full time job and so they could still spend quality time together. Plus we’re both kind of freaky and love getting it on and felt it would only be fair to share it with everyone.

Are there other couples / singles on Chaturbate who you are fans of?

We are huge fans of Scarlett and Jake. Watching them was what made us really make our final decision. They seem just as in love as us and they as well have a very strong bond.

How difficult is it for a new couple to start performing on Chaturbate? Do you find the software/site easy to use?

We thought it was simple starting the profile. The hardest part we had was getting verified. Every picture we seemed to send in got denied. We decided to start the first night anyways just to get followers and we got way more then we were expecting. We were both very comfortable in front of the camera so performing was no issue at all. We loved the attention. The site is pretty simple to use although we are still learning. The only thing that we find somewhat complicated sometimes is the Apps and Bots, but we have some pretty great Mods that are teaching us and helping us through everything whenever we decide to broadcast.

What advice would you have for other couples thinking of performing on Chaturbate, but who are still undecided?

Our advice to give is to just make sure you’ve got an amazing relationship to start with. There has to be a lot of love and trust. If your relationship already seems rocky this probably isn’t the best for you. You’ve also got to have a very healthy sex life, you don’t want to start broadcasting if you’re not sure what to do. Fans want to engage in conversation and they are very specific as to what they like to see. You have to be open to trying new things and you can’t be shy or embarrassed. Be confident in yourself, your partner and your love life.

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