Feature interview with Chaturbate couple Megan & Mason

Make no mistake about it. Chaturbate performers aren’t just entertainers – many are also very savvy business people. I love perusing Chaturbate profiles to seek out the new and amazing designs performers come up with. I especially appreciated profiles with high end photography. Which brings us to today’s feature interview. Megan and Mason are an incredibly attractive couple who perform very sensuous live shows on Chaturbate. And they also excel at personal branding. I strongly encourage you to check out their performances on Chaturbate, and while in their chatroom, take some time to view their profile. Their branding is amazing.

Chaturbate couple Megan and MasonThe first thing that struck me when I saw your Chaturbate profile page is the quality of both your photos and graphic design. Aside from being amazing performers, are you also into photography in your personal lives?

We absolutely love beautiful images, with an obvious penchant for the erotic. Video imaging allows us to explore and describe the essence of sensuality more deeply and to add the dimension of sharing it with our community. We’re keenly interested in photography, as subjects and as authors.  More exciting is the ability it gives us to include our viewers in a very personal and authentic journey of sexual curiosity, fascination, and fulfillment.

I’m surprised that we don’t see more live erotic massage shows on Chaturbate. And by that, I mean a massage show in a well-lit, well-appointed room with a real massage table. Given your love of massage, is this something you might consider in a future show?

One of the best ways to capture the essence of sensuality is with the intimacy of touch and massage is the quintessential form of this art.  Skin, hands, lips, erogenous zones, breathe – oiled, kneaded and stroked into a slow burning, smoldering maelstrom of sensual delight.  We sure are thinking of it now!

I noticed that you specify your performance dates and times on your profile page. This is a feature I wish more performers would implement. Your marketing seems very well thought out? Do you have outside help, or do you manage your own brand?

We schedule for the convenience and benefit of our viewers. Our marketing is an evolution of our own ideas and flows from erotic inspiration.  This is an ongoing process that keeps to the real.

Your videos look amazing. Can we expect to see more content on your ManyVids page in the near future?

 Much more.  We’ve only just begun to fathom our curiosity and the curiosity of our community. We welcome suggestions to go further, deeper and more exquisitely erotic.

Can we expect to see you perform as a threesome or foursome with another couple of female?

We are great fans of the liberal/alternative lifestyle and in exploring the variety it offers.  Thus, we’re are not only open, but eager, to explore ever more permutations of love play.

We would like to thank Megan and Mason for agreeing to this interview.

You can view their video sales page at https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1000109238/MeganSkyHaven/

Watch them live on Chaturbate at http://chaturbate.com/affiliates/in/?track=default&tour=dT8X&campaign=s64gB&room=missmegansky

Don’t forget to signup for your FREE membership on Chaturbate and hit the Follow button on their profile to get instant email alerts when Megan & Mason come online to perform.

Chaturbate Megan Mason

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