What makes CFNM such an intense sexual experience

CFNM Sex happens in the brain. The body just goes along for the ride.

CFNM sex party

People who practice the CFNM (clothed female naked male) fetish know this first hand. Regardless if you’re a man or a woman, CFNM encounters can lead to truly mind blowing orgasms if you understand it’s underlying principles. Some people get it, others don’t. That’s fine. It’s not for everyone, no sexual fetish is. But its something I’m happy to have experienced first hand, as its one of the most satisfying sexual experiences I have ever indulged in. CFNM is first and above all else a psychological experience.

CFNM from a man’s perspective

For the male participant, it’s about surrendering yourself sexually to a woman who takes pleasure in observing and directing your actions. Yes, there is an aspect of female domination here, but it’s not about pain or dominance. It’s more about control, and there is a distinction to be made here. When I was experiencing my sexual awakening, I often fantasized about masturbating while a group of professional, well groomed women watched. They would never touch me, and there was never a suggestion of sexual interaction. But they watched me intently and were fascinated by my actions. In turn, I became extremely aroused at the thought of performing for them. If you can understand this, then you might derive some pleasure from the CFNM fetish.

CFNM from a woman’s perspective

For women, it’s all about mental control. It’s a form of open, direct voyeurism that is practiced in a safe, consensual environment. It’s about knowing that a man is experiencing pleasure from her gaze and attention. He wants her to watch his orgasm, and she is aroused by the thought of being the object of his pleasure. For her, its an empowering yet satisfying change from the sexual norm, which all too often frames women as being sexually subservient to men.

LoveryboysUSA CFNM
LoverBoys – still the #1 CFNM site – Real women having their way with male strippers

This, by definition, is CFNM in its purest form. But the practice has evolved over the years. Sexual interaction was first introduced to CFNM with the advent of a British CFNM site called LoverBoysUSA. Never quite understood why they labelled themselves that way, as the origin of the content was without doubt european. In essence, Loverboys portrayed what seemed to be travelling male strip reviews in the mold of the movie “The Full Monty”. But with a twist. The female patrons of these girls night out were encouraged to to fondle the male performers when the later raised a towel in front of the goods. Thinking nobody else could see, the females openly stroke the entertainers erect penises. Manual stimulation later led to oral interaction when dancers strutted about the room with cans of pressurized whipped cream. Loverboys footage was very convincing; you could never really tell if the audience was real or staged, but my money is on the former. The ladies in attendance came in all shapes and sizes, and age groups. And if they were acting, they would have garnered a few oscar nominations for their reactions to what was happening around them. I think the footage was real, and probably fulled by a fair bit of alcohol.

USA Dancina Bears features women having fun with hired male strippers. WARNING – Video is NSFW 18+ Only – Click on picture to view.

Before long, copycat CFNM websites were sprouting up left and right, with varying levels of success and authenticity. PartyHardcore.com was a Czech version of Loverboys that seemed to be produced using a hybrid of real people and professional porn stars. The porn stars acted out the CFNM action, while the real attendees in attendance were paid to watch with a shocked look on their face. And guess what, it worked. The authors are still active today and produces some of the best sex party sites on the internet.

Not wanting to be left behind, American producers of adult content were quick to produce CFNM content of their own. One of the most popular american CFNM sites is DancinaBear.com. It features a troop of male strippers who perform at both traditional club locations and private party functions. Like their counterparts in the Czech republic, DancinaBear featured a combination of real people acting as extras, and professional porn stars performing the hardcore CFNM content. The result was quite successful, mainly because of the sites furry mascot and the fun and games feel of their content. They also included traditional porn elements such as facial cumshots, which I dislike as it takes away from the “original women in control” definition of the CFNM fetish. Another popular site called HornyBirds.com also featured American CFNM party videos. They featured younger women having fun with men in a party atmosphere.

PureCFNM features men being used by women in a variety of social situations. WARNING: Explicit Nudity – NSFW – 18+ Only – Click on image to enter site.

While many sites focused on public CFNM parties, other sites preferred to explore the fetish in a more private and intimate manner. PureCFNM featured scenes that usually involved on man being preyed upon by a group of two to six women. The scenes were shot in a manner that emulated normal activities that most people would encounter in their day to day lives. And it worked very well. The site is still active to this day and features hundreds of CFNM roleplay videos. CFNMSecrets also catered to scenario based CFNM, but with a twist. They portrait women who enjoy CFNM as being refined and sophisticated, which is how I envisioned them in my early fantasies.

CFNM Webcam Sex

Today, online sex has made the transition to full interactivity using webcams. And some enterprising cam girls are now catering to the CFNM niche. But don’t be fooled, not all cam girls understand the CFNM fetish. It’s not just a matter of slapping on a CFNM label and passively watching a man masturbate via webcam. There is so much more to it than that. A true CFNM cam girl understands that she is in control. She will start you off fully clothed, and get you fully naked on her terms. She will ask you to pose for her, to stand up, turn around – you know, all the basic steps involved in a full inspection. She will then instruct you to get erect, and take her time in admiring your cock. She will then request that you masturbate for her in a number of different positions. A professional CFNM cam girl will never request that you show your face unless you are comfortable doing so. And she will want to see you cum. The more powerful the orgasm, the better. This is what gets her off.

When asked for a recommendation, I always refer true CFNM fans to Jesse Quinn. She is a true professional who understands CFNM like no one else. She connects with her clients in a confidential manner using Skype for the best video and audio quality possible. Just be advised that she is in high demand, therefore its necessary to reserve her time in advance.

CFNM webcam sex
Jesse Quinn is a professional CFNM cam girl. She connects with her clients using Skype.

How to find CFNM Webcam Sex Partners

If you’re seeking a longer term CFNM Skype sex partner, you might want to check out either SexPlayCam.com or CamPlayFriends.com. Both sites specialize in helping consenting adults find others who share their passion for cam to cam sex encounters. I have no doubt that you’ll have no problems finding women willing to watch you masturbate on cam on either service.

For true life CFNM encounters, your best bet would be adult sex dating sites. There are several to choose from, but I’ve always had the most success on AdultFriendFinder.com. Unlike a lot of other sex personals, it’s not filled with a bunch of fake profiles. It’s also a pretty good site to find Skype sex contacts if you enter search term Cybersex.

Are you into the CFNM fetish? If so, leave us a comment and let me know of other resources you would like to share.

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