Chaturbate performer Maddie Luv is a girl on a mission to succeed

Feature Interview with Chaturbate Performer Maddie Luv

Chaturbate webcam model Maddie Luv

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If there’s one trait that all successful webcam models share, it’s this one. Confidence. When combined with ambition, it forms the bedrock upon which many cam girls build successful and lucrative careers. Every now and again, you come across people with A-type personalities who you just know are going to be very successful. They have the drive and discipline to execute their plan and deliver on their vision. Today, I’m happy to share with you an interview with Maddie Luv. She’s pretty, a bit nerdy, and very entertaining. And she’s also a girl on a mission to succeed. I hope you enjoy her interview.

Tell us about your nerdy side – are you a gamer, techie or is it mostly a cosplay thing?

My nerdy side was actually not meant to be exposed on camera. But one day I had forgotten I had my glasses on and was watching Pokemon and someone had said something like “OMG you’re such a sexy nerd” and I almost flipped out (in my head). I threw my glasses off and everyone was like “No! You look so cute with them on” – so for me its real, I’m a gamer kind of nerd. I mainly play Pokemon because I’ve been playing since I was about 8 when my brother gave me the yellow version of the game.  He said it sucked but I fell in love. When I was younger I was always categorized as a nerd since I was in band and would rather play with my Gameboy than anything else. But I also play other games such as Final Fantasy, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Hitman, among others. I prefer playing games on my 3DS Gameboy. I used to prefer Xbox, but now I play mainly on my computer and Sony Playstation.

You’re proudly bisexual. Have you considered doing girl/girl shows on Chaturbate?

Yes, I’m bisexual and very open about it, I love women and all of their beauty. I’m definitely not shy about it. So I’d love to do shows with another girl, I just gotta find that one girl who’s local and willing to be on cam with me. I have been looking but no luck so far; but I’m staying hopeful that I’ll find the perfect California girl to have some fun with me on cam – hopefully soon.

You’re one of the few Chaturbate cam girls I know who also sells phone sex – how much demand are you seeing for that service, and have you considered selling pre-recorded sex stories?

The phone sex service doesn’t see much demand because customers seem to prefer Skype and Kik, which are huge for webcam performers. Customers prefer to be able to see and hear you. That being said, I have made quite a few sales for phone sex while on camera. I’ve never thought about selling pre-recorded sex stories, but that’s a great idea and I’m sure it could easily become an in-demand product in the adult modeling industry.

You model on webcam, but you also model for photographers. Have you considered branching out into the erotic stock photo market?

I’m not really too sure what the erotic stock photo market is, but it’s worth looking into. If it’s profitable, I would defiantly be branching out into that market. I honestly have my camera attached to hand almost 24/7; I just love the camera and I believe it loves me too!

You seem very ambitious. I would almost say you’re a girl on a mission to succeed. What’s can we expect from Maddie Luv going forward?

Oh wow, this question is actually perfect. I am a girl on a mission to succeed. Adult webcam modeling has not only saved my life, but saved my family. We were on the verge of losing everything. I had worked for a production company prior to modeling, but quit and after a few months was broke. Now I don’t have to worry about if our water or electricity is going to be shut off. Ever since I went on cam for the first time I feel in love with the adult industry. So in the future, you can expect to see lots of new content, lots of time live on cam, and hopefully, a girl to have some fun with me in future live shows. I also want to open up my own webcam studio/production company. I have pretty big dreams but I’ve never given up on anything in my life, and this isn’t any different  I won’t stop trying until I succeed. I want to make a career out of this; it’s not just a job or for some “extra cash”.

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Webcam Model Maddie Luv



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