Chaturbate launches new website called

The owners of one of our favourite webcam modelling sites Chaturbate have just launched a new site called

CamGasm The site looks and feels just like Chaturbate, but with one important difference; there is no nudity allowed in free chat. You read that right. This is a non-nude version of Chaturbate. So what’s the point then? Well, here’s how the new site works. Performers will be offering one on one private chats in exchange for tokens, which means that you can enjoy your models in a private room. That’s pretty cool for models who don’t want to get naked in free chat, and for fans who enjoy a more intimate, cam to cam connection with their favourite model.

But wait! There’s more!

I think the real appeal of this new site will be group shows. And this is great news for live sex fans. As we’ve already seen on Chaturbate, group shows will allow you to watch these great looking performers for just a few tokens per show. Crowdsourced sex shows leverage economies of scale and benefit both the performers and their fans.

So how will this site fare in the long term? I think it will do rather well. I like the idea of chatting with a fully clothed performer before he/she/they get naked. It adds an element of mystery to the experience and really helps the performer’s personality shine through. Time will tell, but I get a good feeling about this new approach.

So what’s the benefit of this site over Chaturbate for webcam models? This site will appear to girls who don’t want to spend endless hours in the nude in free chat. They get to model fully clothed, and then only get naked for customers who tip. The site seems to allow models to set their own prices, so models get to charge whatever price the market will bear.

The site is now accepting registration from new models on this web page. 

So what do you think? Is this new service going to fly? Let us know in the comment section.

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