Chaturbate introduces new rules and Skype Sex Etiquette

Skype webcam sex do’s and don’t

Skype is on a roll. It’s rolled out an impressive HD implementation on the XBox One and has recently updated it’s client on all major mobile platforms. With the growth in webcam sex personals and dating sites, It’s also become the de facto video chat client for men, women and couples who are into online sex. With more and more people jumping onboard the online sex bandwagon, it’s important to brush up on a few Skype webcam sex rules of etiquette. Bro Bible has recently published an article entitled “What Women Want From Men During Skype Sex”. We recommend reading it before hooking up for some cam to cam online dating.

Chaturbate introduces dildo and public sex restrictions

Chaturbate Rules
Chaturbate has recently introduced new rules with respect to sex toys and public sex

What I love the most about Chaturbate is the variety it brings to online sex. Every time you visit the site you never quite know what you’re going to see, but it’s always new, fresh and exciting. One thing you might not see anymore are vegetables. And turkey basters. And maybe even large Italian salami. You see, in order to comply with obscenity rules from various jurisdictions, performers are no longer allowed to use any object as a dildo unless it’s specifically sold as a sex device designated for the specific purpose of masturbating. Allowed dildo’s must also not be abnormally large or shaped like an animal. So no more bananas, cucumbers or zucchini allowed. Seems your days of hooking up with cam girls who raid the produce department are sadly coming to an end.

Speaking of cam girls in public, Chaturbate models are no longer allowed to broadcast their live sex shows from a public setting. I’ve seen quite a few girls take to the road with their mobile devices and broadcast from their cars or discreet outdoor settings. Well, those days have sadly come to an end, although you can still broadcast from your own private outdoor property. And masturbating with a large cucumber at the local grocery store; probably not a great idea!

Flirt4Free introduces group sex shows

Flirt4Free is a webcam sex site that caters to customers who value both best of breed streaming quality and top shelf cam girls. It’s a site that clearly markets itself to the high end of the webcam sex industry. It’s also one of the best sites for mobile webcam sex and offers one of the best iPad video chat clients I have ever seen.

Flirt 4 Free Webcam Sex

The service now wants to expand the scope of it’s client base by introducing group sex shows. This new feature will allow participants to contribute a fixed amount to a crowd funded live sex show. Once a performer reaches his/her funding threshold, all contributors get to enjoy the full show without any further cost. If the performer doesn’t reach her sales quota, all contributions are refunded. This is a great way to enjoy top shelf cam girls at a really low price point.

How much money can you earn on Chaturbate? Lots, when it’s your birthday

It happens all the time. A performer on Chaturbate scores a huge tip from a loyal fan. This time the beneficiary is a performer by the name of Mira_22 who scored a 20,225 token tip on her birthday. For those keeping track, that works out to a shade over $1000 – not a bad pay day for a hard working cam girl.

Another Chaturbate performer by the name of LovelyAnne scored a massive 130,000 token tip – that’s approximately $6500 dollars, give or take a few nickels.

How much money can you make with Chaturbate Tips

Not to be outdone, Chaturbate cam girl RubyGirl celebrated her birthday with an opening tip of 25,531 tokens. But get this. By the time her birthday show was over, she had received over 90,000 tokens in tips, bringing her daily earning to just a tad less than $5000. Chaturbate girls are earning some serious money, and by all measures things are only going to get better going forward.

How much money to Chaturbate models make?
How much money to Chaturbate models make?

If you’re looking for a piece of the Chaturbate money pie, we strongly recommend you read the article “How to Signup as a Chaturbate Performer”.

We all know that Chaturbate is all about watching some grade A pussy via webcam, but what it you want to watch, well, real pussy cats – well who knows, maybe someday someone will come up with Caturbate – a webcam site just for frisky felines!


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