Creative Webcam Sex Show Ideas for Chaturbate

Creativity is key to making more money on Chaturbate

In past articles, I’ve written about basic steps performers can take to make more money on Chaturbate. Today, I want to talk about the other half of the equation. Once you’ve got your high speed internet, your webcam and proper lighting, you need to come up with a unique concept for your webcam shows. Performers such as CosPlayKerry do this very well. As their handle suggest, they perform unique cosplay webcam shows which attract a sizable audience, not to mention a healthy number of fans and followers. You can do the same, it just takes a bit of imagination and preparation. Today I want to share a few show ideas that I think might help increase your Chaturbate earnings.

Chaturbate Show Ideas
The key to making more money on Chaturbate is to come up with creative show ideas. Read on for some creative suggestions to help you earn even more tokens.

The Webcam Massage Show

Got an extra $60-$100 burning a hole in your pocket? Why not spruce up your webcam shows by buying a massage table. Simply have your partner (male or female) lie down on the massage table and make sure to position your webcam for a nice, well lit full body shot. Lighting is especially important here as you want the massage oil you’ll be using to produce a nice, sensual reflection as you rub it all over your partners body. Another nice advantage of this setup is that you can both wear a sexy mask and still deliver a memorable webcam show, therefore it’s a great alternative for those seeking to perform in a more discreet manner. I would also wear a wireless headset with microphone to chat with your audience as you perform the sex massage. Tell them about your passion for massages, how you enjoy touching another person’s’ body and the control it give you over their orgasm. Trust me, the audio really adds to the experience and will keep your followers coming back for more. And don’t forget to remind your users to hit your follow button to get instant notifications of when you come online to perform.

erotic sex massage videos
Picture courtesy of MET Sex Massage Videos – Click on Photo to visit their site.

Now comes the monetization part. After all, you want to get decent tips for all your hard work. I would suggest performing a 30 minute show, broken down into three segments. During the first segment, have your client lie down on his stomach, fully nude on the massage table. As you begin the massage, explain to your audience that you are about to perform a 30 minute massage that will feature a very happy ending. Keep your client on his stomach for a full ten minutes and massage the entire length of his body. For the second segment, have your client move onto his back and once again massage his/her entire body, but stay away for the erogenous zones for the first five minutes; this will not only tease your client, but the audience as well. When the time is right, begin a sensual massage and focus on giving your client an explosive orgasm – but don’t let them climax just yet, there’s an opportunity to make even better tips here.

At this point, you’ve reached the 20 minute mark of the show. It’s time for the big ending. You probably have 1000 viewers, 250 of which are active tippers. Announce to your audience that you are now ready to make your client experience and earth shattering orgasm, either manually or orally (the later sell much better). The final ten minutes will be a private group show, and tickets sell for 50 tokens each. Then go private and watch your ticket sales roll in. You’ve provided your audience with a great free 20 minute show, and most will want to see the big finish. And you walk away with a very nice pay day for 30 minutes of work.

The Birds Eye View Webcam Sex Show

I’ve only seen this done once and it was a real winner in terms of audience engagement. Let’s face it, when you look at the matrix of webcam performers on the Chaturbate main page, they are all pretty much broadcasting from the same camera angle. Want to draw attention to your own webcam feed in a unique manner? Change the camera angle to something unique and different. Now this will take some time to set up, but the results are simply outstanding. It’s called the Birds Eye View and it’s an immersive webcam sex show type that really helps you create a strong bond with your viewers.

Webcam Sex on a Bed
Changing your camera angle helps you stand out in the Chaturbate model listings

The premise is that you’re going to position your webcam above your bed so that it’s looking down on you from a birds eye view. Needless to say, you will require a USB extension cable to pull this off. And as with all shows, lighting here is key. Focus your lights on your bed, but keep them out of the frame of view. Soft lighting is best as you don’t want strong lights reflecting off your white sheets. The next ingredient will make or break your show. You must use a discreet wireless headset so that your viewers can hear every word and every moan that comes out of your mouth in crystal clear audio. You would be surprised how connected viewers become when they hear your voice without background echo. Take my word on that.

Now here’s the great part. You get to lie back, chat with your fans and pleasure yourself while you listen to all those tips chime in. It’s actually a very relaxing way to earn income as a webcam model. And all the while you’re offering your viewers a very intimate show broadcast from a unique point of view.

The Bedtime Story Show

Webcam sex doesn’t always have to be about nudity. Sometimes, you need to change the channel and please the ears instead of the eyes. Let me explain what I mean.

This show type is all about punctuality. Imagine if you sign up for Chaturbate and create an account called Pamela’s Bedtime Stories. At 10pm sharp, every weeknight, you appear on Chaturbate, fully clothed if you want, and tell a 20 minute erotic audio story. Like the other scenarios listed above, you will need a headset to pull this off. Audio quality will make or break this show. Before long, you will have a loyal group of fans and followers who will tune in every night to hear their bedtime story. You can even earn more by also performing a wake up show. But here is how you can earn extra money from this show type. Using a free audio recording program such as Audacity, you can pre-record long form sex confession recordings and sell them to your followers in exchange for tokens. This will allow you to make money even when you’re offline. Win-win in my book.

The CFNM webcam show

This is a great show idea, but it works best when you’re a MFF threesome – therefore it’s not for everyone. CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) is a fetish where the female participants remain fully clothed while having their way with a fully nude male model. They can start the show by interviewing their male boy toy, explaining to him what they are about to do, and then having him stand up and masturbate while the ladies watch. Once erect, the ladies can stroke, suck or use their male participant any way they want – but it’s important that the females always stay fully clothed during the entire performance. To make this work, think about incorporating fun and games. Have your nude and erect male model lie down on the floor, then from a distance throw some plastic rings and try to get one to land around his penis (here is a demo video of what this would look like). Kind of like a twist on the game of horseshoes. And speaking of twist, why not play a live game of Twister where the ladies stay clothed and the male is fully nude.

Different right? But different and unique is what people want to see, and it’s what makes money on Chaturbate.

Do you have some unique ideas for webcam sex shows? If so, take a minute and share them with us in the comments section.


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