CamSoda Review – The first real challenger to Chaturbate

CamSoda ReviewThere is no denying that the free webcam sex scene has been dominated by two major players over the last few years. MyFreeCams and Chaturbate.

Both of those cybersex sites continue to offer amazing services to cam girl (and guy) fans, but they may have to make room for a new service that is proving to be a viable contender: CamSoda.


CamSoda is very similar to Chaturbate in many respects. The site opens with a grid view of online performers with a few unique features that set it  apart from its main competitor. The first is the use of tags at the top of the performer list. It allows you to filter the performer listing by those who are featured, new, top-rated, followed and the usual men, women and couple categories. But there are some treats hidden in the tag bar. You can use the bar to find ticket shows, voyeur cams and spy shows. The voyeur tag peaked our interest as the site features home voyeur cams, which allows performers to turn their homes into 24/7 voyeur houses. A fun twist which isn’t available on other sites yet. The site has also begun offering access to live VR sex shows, although that feature is still very new.

Another feature that sets this site apart from Chaturbate is the use of perpetual scrolling when browsing the performer list. As you scroll down the list of performers, a new batch of cams appears automatically when you reach the bottom of the page. This is a nice feature for users and performers that also works well on MyFreeCams. We also liked the “Top CamSoda Clips” feature that ranks the best-selling performer videos. It’s like a little video store embedded within the site. No doubt that feature will be popular with both performers and their fans.

As far as performers are concerned, what the site lacks in quantity, it sure makes up for in quality. This is not unusual for a new service and we expect the performer count to grow organically over the next few months as the service grows in popularity. We should also mention that the site seems very inclusive. It is open to all genders and sexual orientations and welcomes both solo performers and couples.

We should also note that the website load times are very respectable. The main site page loads very quickly, model previews render almost instantly and opening a performer chat room results in a very brief video buffering. I would rate the site performance as on par with both Chaturbate and MyFreeCams.

CamSoda audio and video quality

In order for any site to compete with MyFreeCams or Chaturbate, they must have exceptional video and audio quality. At the end of the day, this is what makes or breaks a webcam sex service. And we’re happy to announce that CamSoda has excellent audio and video streams that rival what can be found on competing services.

Do note that you must hover over the video window to make both the volume and full-screen options appear. We should also note that the service really shines when viewed on a fast computer with a decent internet connection.

CamSoda – the best mobile webcam sex service

We recently tested major webcam sex sites on IOS. While some sites fared well, others still needed to fine tune their support for both the iPhone and iPad. The testing also revealed that most sites performed better using Google Chrome versus Safari.

We tested CamSoda on both the latest version of IOS (iPhone and iPad) as well as Android Marshmallow.  The Google Chrome browser was used for testing on both operating systems. The results were amazing. CamSoda is by far the best mobile webcam sex service we’ve tested. And we’ve tested several.

The mobile version of CamSoda renders almost identically on both IOS and Android. The video and audio quality are remarkably fluid, the menus easy to navigate and all major functions seemed present. It was a truly pleasant experience that will have us coming back for more.

CamSoda Review – Our Verdict

CamSoda is the first site that really gives both Chaturbate and MyFreeCams true competition for your token buying dollars. The site features great speed, superb audio and video streams, a nice selection of models and a flawless mobile webcam sex experience. We strongly recommend signing up for a free account. They are currently giving away 50 tokens to every new member, making the deal even sweeter.





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