Best Sex Blogs of 2014

Best Sex Blogs of 2014

We all love watching sex, but sometimes we need to reach beyond moving pictures and explore erotic content in the written form. There’s no shortage of sex blogs on the net, but let’s face it, the quality of the content they offer is all over the map. The good news however, is that regardless of what fetish you subscribe to, there’s a sex blog out there where you can share your kink with like minded perverts. And I mean that in a good way.

Listed below are some of the best sex blogs I’ve encountered over the last few years. They cover a variety of topics, ranging from swinger sex to male toy reviews. All of them offer great written content, and one even offers some sex audio for those who love to close their eyes and live vicariously through someone else’s sex adventures.

Volonté – a Sex, Love and Lifestyle Blog

Volonté Sex BlogWho’s More Sexually Satisfied: The Middle Class or The 1 Percent?

What He’s Really Thinking? – Top Male Sex Fantasies Uncovered.

The article titles from the Volonté sex blog look like they might have been pulled straight off the cover of any number of women’s magazines. Like many others, I’ve fallen prey to these tantalizing headlines only to be let down by the content that followed. But this site actually has compelling articles that will appeal to both men and women.

The site is divided into three major categories: Lelo’s Newswire, Sex and Relationships and Erotic Fantasies. While the latter will appeal mostly to women, the first two sections will appeal to both sexes. The site has a very pleasant design and navigation is quick and responsive. There is some advertising, but it’s by no means overwhelming and never interferes with the great content on offer.

SwingerCast – The Lifestyle Adventures of John and Allie

swingercast sex blogWe’ve been fans of John and Allie for a very long time and continue to enjoy their audio blog which focuses on the swinger lifestyle. There’s some written content here in terms of what to expect from the swinging lifestyle and terminology newbies should be familiar with, but the site is first and above all an audio blog that documents six years of attending swinger conventions, parties and vacation resorts.

This audio series will appeal to couples who are considering partner swapping, or who want to experience the pleasure of group sex through someone else’s adventures. John and Allie come across as the typical couple next door (which they probably are) and approach the subject of swinging in a casual and laid back manner. They both have great radio voices and the recording quality is always top notch. Their intro is even fun and sassy. Just be warned, this content is rather addictive and you’ll find yourself wanting to hear more. And best of all, their show is available for free on iTunes – so it’s quite easy to pick up even when on the go.


Ruffled Sheets – Sex Toy Reviews from a Discerning Chap

ruffled sheets sex blog

Yes, I know. There are 1001 sex toy review blogs and they all tend to review the exact same devices. But this one is different. I promise. For one thing, this blog doesn’t discriminate between male and female sex toys. That’s a welcome change, as most sex toy review sites tend to cater more to the female demographic. But what we really like about this blog is the wide variety of sex toys being reviewed. Where does this lad even find some of these sex gadgets. Some almost seem homemade. And all are interesting in their own special way. I mean, who’s ever heard of the “Bon Leather Parachute Ball Stretcher”.

The reviews here seem quite honest, the content engaging and fun while advertising is neatly tucked to the right sidebar. I can promise that you’ll come across many toys here that you never even imagined existed. So there’s an element of mystery to the blog as well. We’re still wondering why so many of the pictures on the site feature sex toys next to warm beverages.


A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

A Good Woman’s Dirty MindIf for no other reason, check out this blog for the humor section. Some great stuff there that’s sure to bring a smile to your face. But the site is about so much more than funny sex pictures. First off, the design and theme choice leaves a bit to be desired. While it’s easy enough to get around the site, such great content deserves a better look and feel. Therefore, don’t be too quick to judge this book by it’s cover.

Blogs are all about the articles. Sex blogs are all about content and pictures. And when it comes to well written interesting content, the words that grace this blog more than make up for it’s somewhat poor design. This good woman writes articles that will be of interest to both open minded men and women. She doesn’t seem to steer her content towards any particular sex, she almost comes across as gender neutral.

So hop on over, get over the look and feel of the site, and enjoy what’s on offer here. This is a site that would really stand tall with a fresh coat of paint.

Kinkly – Straight up sex talk with a twist

Kinkly Sex BlogJudging by the title, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this sex blog is all about kinky sex. That’s what we thought when we first came upon it while surfing the web. Truth is, the title is somewhat misleading. The articles on this blog are mostly aimed at the female demographic, and men may quickly tune out. But women will really connect with what’s on offer here. It’s light and fluffy sex talk that covers a range of issues from a woman’s point of view.

The site features a very professional look and feel, is easy to navigate and nudity free. It’s suggestive, but never rude or overly well, kinky. While we enjoyed reading the wide variety of articles, we found the never ending stream of embedded Amazon ads somewhat distracting. We understand the need for advertising, but we feel it’s better relegated to the sidebar. Being female friendly may have its advantages in this case, as the content is innocent enough to be shared among your friends who aren’t too prudish. Just don’t share it with the testosterone set.


FuckBlogging – A Real Couple Blogging about Sex, Life and Everything in Between

Sex blog for CouplesWhen you first visit this blog, you’re presented with what I think is the longest disclaimer page I’ve ever seen on an adult sex blog. To be fair, it does contain lots of information about the blog content and a nice bio of both the male and female halves of this couple. As you can tell from my previous reviews, you should never be fooled by first impressions. I thought this blog, due to the fact that it was written by a couple, would be rather fluffy and tame. Was I wrong. This is wild and kinky content. And best of all, it comes in a wide variety of formats.

First off, judging by the writing, this is not only an open minded couple, but also an educated one. They’re very experimental when it comes to their sex life, and deliver their stories in the most open and honest manner. You can feel the sincerity dripping of the screen as you read their words. But why stop with mere words. This sex blog also features great erotic photography and some very kinky videos. To be honest, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as cum sniffing videos. But here they are, in all their glory.

The content here is reality porn in it’s most potent form. It’s raw, it’s real and it will keep you coming back for more.


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