An interview with successful Chaturbate couple Jack & Jill

This post is the first in a series of interviews with top ranked Chaturbate performers. I’m both grateful and privileged to bring you an interview with one of the top ranked couples on Chaturbate. Jack & Jill are a beautiful couple with an enviable following on CB – but there’s more to the story – they’re also very savvy and successful entrepreneurs.

Chaturbate Couple Jack and Jill

My first question is about how you maximize your Chaturbate earnings. You seem to have mastered the art of the tease. You build up an audience with a pre-show, often with over 5000 viewers, then sell tickets to the main event.

How did you come up with this recipe for success? Was it through trial and error, or did you both walk into the Chaturbate arena with a fixed plan on how you wanted to monetize your cam shows.

(Both)Firstly, Don’t have sex in public chat (couples) and don’t show all your “goodies” for a few tokens (solo ladies). A lot of times people just get on and strip down at their first big tip. I know its hard, but try not to do this and if you want to give the person their money’s worth then go into a private with them!

This route is undoubtedly the high road, but will pay off in the long run. Making money on CB is a social investment – you need to build relationships and yes, there are some really cool “normal” people on CB. You may see some CB models getting paid better for “showing it all” real fast, but they have a tendency to have a shorter shelf life. Every model has a shelf life and a lot of it depends on how much you show and how often you show it!

Your shows should go: Start off slow chatting with people, let the tips guide your public show and once you’re at the zenith of viewership do a cum show of sorts! Special conditions permit for special people. Like we said, you build relationships on CB (as strange as that sounds) and some people “deserve” a bit more for the time and money they have invested in you.

You’re a very attractive couple who seem very down to earth. The guys envy you because they get to experience a virtual threesome via your shows. Do you think your female viewers enjoy the fact that you have a striking resemblance to Jim on “The Office”?

(Both) Well first of all – thank you very much, complements like that never get old :).

(Jack response): Sometimes I have to slap/pinch myself to realize how much my life has changed over the last year.

I moved out west alone and was largely a loner until I met Jill. I’m a humble guy and you’ll probably never catch me bragging about what I get to do. I have been online by myself and I think I got 8 people in my room after being online for an hour. My success can be directly attributed to the beautiful women around me, not looking like “Jim from The Office”. I have had numerous people tell me I look like “Jim from the Office”. I think that’s hilarious, people say that to me out in public sometimes (a girl came running up to me one time in Best Buy, I’ll never forget that). While I don’t really see too much of the resemblance, I think people largely see what they’re looking for i.e if you watch The Office a lot you’re going to see me as Jim.

You often perform as a threesome. How hard was it to find a compatible third party to join you on cam?

(Both) I can’t tell you how hard it is to find a clean, “normal”, down-to-earth, woman willing to partake in this adventure with you. Seriously, this is hard.

(Jack) A lot of guys ask me “what they need to do “to find some ladies to have a threesome with” and I always find myself shrugging my shoulders.  If you think this is something I put together you’re giving me way too much credit, lol. I’m living proof that dumb luck is a real force in life. I’m no expert on this stuff and short of piking up some skeezers at a bar (which I would never advise!), I can only tell you one thing. Find a Jill – that is a woman willing/open to the idea of having a threesome. If you don’t have a Jill, then you’re just trying to convince your girl having a three-way is a good idea. While it may be a good idea, you might want to bridge the gap with some FFM porn first.

(Jill) It helps to have a Jack too, lol!

The traditional porn industry is in decline. Piracy and tube sites have eroded margins to the point where little profit is to be made. Do you think that the future of adult entertainment lies in the hands of home based entrepreneurs such as yourselves?

(Jack) Amateur porn rocks.

(Jill) Agree! Porn stars get to rest, have takes, their content gets edited, they have cameramen, sound guys, makeup, hair, directors, ect. We flip on our webcam and go – and while the production value is lower, I think you get a more intimate experience with live action.

(Jack) I work my ass off in our shows for an hour straight. A lot of guys like to say they could last an hour, but I don’t think they have any idea how hard that really is. Between keeping wood, catching your breath, and keeping the momentum of the show going, I think live porn is much harder to perfect. Live porn is growing as internet access to other countries grows. there is a kind of indescribable turn-on associated with seeing what goes on behind closed doors between couples of all kinds. This wont change and the shrinking profit margin trends of traditional porn will come with that. Traditional porn will never go away, we just think you’re going to see a drastic shift over the next few decades.

For those thinking of becoming Chaturbate performers, what are the top 3 things that can make or break your success on Chaturbate?


1. Have thick skin. Unfortunately people will always say mean things to you no matter how nice you are. This can be random trolls, jealous broadcasters, or just people who have the wrong attitude/outlook in life.

2. Never forget who your real fans are. Some people wake up in the middle of the night, skip work, rush home, and just overall take time out of their life to brighten up your day with conversation and maybe some tips. Don’t EVER forget about these people. Without them you’d be nowhere.

3. Stay humble and friendly. Nobody wants to hear about how you can’t hit your goal and while a reminder is great, maintaining a friendly, focused, flexible, and accommodating attitude can get you some fans just by itself. CB is not just about getting naughty on cam with people – its a community and its about making friends and brightening up each others day through social interaction.

Bottom line: Love your fans, be kind and humble, and ignore the haters.

See you guys online!

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