An exclusive interview with Chaturbate performers Barbara and Ruben

Chaturbate performers are increasingly networking with fellow performers and appearing as guest stars on their live feeds. Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Barbara and Ruben, who recently traveled to the USA from South America to perform with Chaturbate stars Jack and Jill.

Chaturbate Models Barbara and Reuben

1) It’s no secret that both couples and singles can make a very nice living by performing on Chaturbate – how did you get started in the adult industry and what’s your experience been like so far?

We get started first by doing it in a “playful” way, almost not taking it seriously enough. It was a suggestion of a friend who used to watch a lot of cam models. We used to be a threesome, and at first, Barbara and I (Ruben) were not in a relationship. We were just friends. We had a very poor connection and a bad webcam, and with time we started getting more serious people in our room and we came to the realization that this was a real thing – with real people and decent income – not a scam as some less informed individuals have suggested.

The experience has been really good so far, we can’t complain. Our viewers are very kind and most of them are friendly. They treat us like gold and respect us. When we’re on cam we feel like time doesn’t exist, it goes by very quickly.

2) Chaturbate performers are starting to network with each other, and often appear as guests on other performer’s channels. You’ve traveled to the USA to perform shows with Chaturbate Stars Jack and Jill – tell us about that experience?

The experience was absolutely fantastic! It all started when we started tipping each other back. After that, we moved to a more serious inquiry via email.  I (Barbara) was really excited and nervous about the experience.

Before traveling I had already watched several of Jack and Jill’s shows. So I already had some knowledge of the structure of their shows. And being an experienced performer, it really made for a really smooth experience.

They took very good care of me during my visit. They are both awesome human beings. I stayed with them for the entire duration of my trip, doing approximately eight shows in total. They treated me like a member of their family, with respect and kindness.

I had a lot of fun both during and after the shows. We had a great time together and I’m looking forward to “round number two”.

3) Variety is the spice of life. Does personal sexual exploration and experimentation benefit and/or influence your online activities? Are there any fetishes or sexual fantasies that you would like to fulfill online?

We do both believe that having different sexual experiences enhance your life, although most of our craziest experiences are experienced during our online activities. We’ve done MMF and FFM threesomes in the past, so many of our online fantasies mirror real life. We also have some fun outside of Chaturbate with friends, but we never swap or swing.

So basically, being sexually open in real life does benefit and enhance your online activities. We also think that sexual openness can be built over time.

4) What advice would you have for single women considering an online threesome with a Chaturbate couple?

First of all, she should be fairly comfortable with her body. It’s all too common to see insecure women on cam who end up using tricks to hide things from the audience. It tends to turn the situation into something uncomfortable both for the viewer and performer.

Second, she must feel empathy for the couple. When you perform with people you are not comfortable with, or that you consider physically unattractive, you put yourself in an unfavorable situation that can end up getting really bad.

Third, it should not be just for the money. When the only fuel you have is money, you end up behaving like a token robot or a doll. You must enjoy the spotlight and experiencing new adventures. Money does play a role, but it should not be the only thing that drives you. Having fun must be your first priority.

Last but not least, she must have the proper emotional intelligence and maturity to understand that this is just an online activity. Nothing more, nothing less. Letting emotions or feelings get in the way of your webcam modeling career can result in a bad experience for everyone involved.

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