2018 Webcam Sex – Predictions, Trends and Forecasts

2018 Webcam Sex Predictions

2018 Webcam Sex Industry Update

There can be no doubt that 2017 was a banner year for cybersex fans. Faster internet connections, ever decreasing bandwidth costs and the maturing of the VR porn industry have made online sex better than ever. And consumers can look forward to more of the same in 2018.

Forecast: Will VR porn kill the webcam star?

The short answer is no. Don’t get us wrong, VR Porn is going to be huge. It looks amazing and is so immersive, it’s actually almost too close to being on-set at an actual porn shoot. It’s become easily accessible to Playstation 4 owners, and will soon be mainstream on Window 10 now that VR headsets have started shipping in larger numbers. Recent price cuts for the Oculus Rift will also spur increased adoption of the popular VR platform.

That being said, webcam sites still offer much more variety in terms of content, not to mention on-demand action when you’re in the mood for a fix. VR porn is amazing, but it takes a lot of preparation. You need to download fairly large files, copy them to a USB stick, then fire up your Playstation, strap on your VR headset, then launch the content. Not exactly a spur of the moment activity. Yes, the content is mind-blowing and worth watching 3-4 times over, but then you need to start the tedious process over again if you want fresh content. You just can’t skip to the next video (chatroom) if you want to see something fresh and different. Yes, you can stream VR porn, but the quality is nowhere near as good or as immersive as a full-resolution download.

The other factor is that webcam performers are becoming minor celebrities within their respective niche. People actually subscribe to them much like they follow their favorite Youtube stars. And make no mistake, webcam models with large followings are making lots of money. They don’t need to make lots of money from a few customers – they make a very nice living getting smaller amounts from tens of thousands of fans. So in short, not only will webcam models thrive in 2018, they may well actually see an increase in their subscriber numbers and income levels.

Prediction: HTML5 video will finally overtake Adobe Flash

This prediction is kind of tricky. Let’s face it, the reason services such as CamBuilder and LiveJasmin can offer such incredible streaming quality is because they use Adobe Flash for their video feeds. The problem with this is that the computer industry is getting tired of the endless parade of vulnerabilities and security issues related to the Flash Player. As a result, browser manufacturers have begun the process of phasing out support for the Flash Player. It might well disappear altogether in 2018.

As you can imagine, this will have a significant effect on webcam sex providers who’ve long depended on Flash to deliver their video feeds. HTML5 is the alternative, but whether that technology can delivery the buttery-smooth, high-quality video that consumers have become accustomed to is an open question. Sites such as CamContacts have been using HTML5 video for years and have reported good results using the technology. But the video quality is only one aspect of the equation. Large webcam sites need to also be mindful of bandwidth usage – will HTML5 be as efficient as Flash when it comes to data distribution?

There can be no doubt that the major webcam sex providers are working frantically behind the scenes to ensure a smooth transition to HTML5 video. Some might even be experimenting with the WebRTC protocol and its support for real-time communications.

But make no mistake. Flash is going away – and sites without a strong alternative may be left behind.

Trend: Will a far-right government censor the porn industry?

If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that the Trump administration isn’t afraid to adopt extreme policies in an effort to please their base. They will pander to just about any far-right interest group in order to get their support at the ballot box. Yes, they claim to be supporters of free speech, so long as the message aligns with their conservative views.

The question is: will the Trump administration enact legislation similar to what’s in place in the UK. For those unfamiliar with British online censorship, the country has implemented network-level blocking by Internet service providers. This means that by default, sites related to pornography, nudity,  violence, obscenity, and hate are, by default, blocked at the ISP level. Consumers can opt-out of the block and request un-feathered access to the internet, but there is now a movement afoot to make the blocks mandatory with no opt-out provision.

The impact of such over-reaching censorship would be devastating to the adult industry. It once would have been impossible to image an extreme approach being implemented in a country where freedom of speech is cherished. But then again, extreme is now the norm – anything is possible.

Prediction: Pay per minute cam sites will stage a mild comeback

Let’s not kid ourselves. Free webcam set sites such as Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and CamSoda have been wildly successful and will continue to be going forward. But the definition of free is shifting. Tipping was initially voluntary on free sites, but in some cases, it’s now mandatory if you want to see a complete performance.

I’m not saying that that’s a bad thing – webcam performers work hard at their jobs (and yes, sex work is real work) and deserve adequate remuneration for the entertainment they provide. While the practice of selling “tickets” to watch complete performances still offers incredible value, it does start to blur the lines between free sites and traditional webcam service providers. The latter now offer “Gold Shows” in which consumers are only charged a few dollars to watch a complete performance. This trend is also referred to as crowd-sourced webcam sex shows. Regardless of the term used, the new format is a win for both consumers (who get access to cheap webcam sex shows) and performers (who enjoy higher per minute earnings).

Prediction: Group show fatigue

Don’t get me wrong. Crowd-sourced group sex shows will continue to be successful, and consumers will continue to tip generously for the privilege of watching their favorite performers.

But I predict a shift towards, of all things, webcam sex intimacy. It’s one thing to attend a rock concert with thousands of screaming fans, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy life in a more private and intimate setting.

I love browsing the girls on sites like Sexier and SkyPrivate. I enjoy taking my time and selecting a girl who’s personality and looks captivate me in just the right way. Best of all, I love that I can spend some quality time with her for as little as $1-$2 per minute. That’s how cheap webcam sex has become over the years. It means I can take my time and get to know more about her before requesting that she shed her clothing for me. It also makes it much more exciting when the encounter turns towards masturbation and toy play. It’s the type of intimate connection that you just can’t achieve in a group setting.


Cybersex is maturing. As more and more people become increasingly comfortable with both their sexuality and technology, it’s inevitable that these two worlds would come together in a special way. People want to experience sex on many levels, and in different ways. Sex is, after all, about exploring fantasies. Traditional porn is giving up ground to ethical porn, and in much the same way, cybersex is morphing into a more intimate online experience, all of which is broadening its appeal to consumers. Safe, anonymous sexual encounters are now within reach of the masses. So take some time and pamper yourself. You deserve it!

I hope you enjoyed this article and wish you all the best in 2018.

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