How mobile friendly are the major webcam sex sites? We tested them with an iPhone to find out.

Mobile webcam sex review iphone ipad ios

iPhone and iPad Webcam Sex Reviews

Camsoda Teen Cam Girls

Camsoda – Mobile Version

Camsoda is a new cybersex service that has made quite an impression on our staff. Like Chaturbate and MyFreeCams, the site is 100% free – performers earn money from tips. The service looks great on desktop computers, but it’s their mobile support that really shines. Unlike many webcam services who are still tweaking their mobile offerings, Camsoda got it right the first time.

Regardless of which browser we used, the site was fast, responsive and easy to navigate on both the iPhone and iPad. The cam girl feed quality was also very solid. Given how new this service provider is, color us impressed!


How much money can you make on Chaturbate

Chaturbate – Mobile Version

As of this writing, the mobile version of Chaturbate is still in beta form, therefore although functional, it is still a work in progress. Having said that, we tested the mobile version of the site with both Safari and Chrome using an iPhone.

When you visit Chaturbate using a mobile device, a text notification appears at the top of the screen asking you if you would like to try their BETA mobile site. Clicking on the link directs you to the mobile version of Chaturbate. The phone version of the site renders with a two column model list. The site is easy to navigate, but soon reminds you of its beta status.

In IOS using the Safari browser, the site was very sluggish with a video frame rate that made it almost impossible to watch the video feed. Using the Chrome browser in IOS offered a much better experience with decent video that although good, could use a frame rate bump.  We were shocked that we could not find any way to turn on sound. The feature is available on other mobile platforms, so here’s hoping that gets corrected soon.

While still in beta form, the mobile version of Chaturbate is quite usable – just make sure to use the right combination of OS and web browser.


MyFreeCams on your iPad

MyFreeCams – Mobile Version

The mobile version of MyFreeCams is also a BETA product, albeit a very polished one. Development seems to be coming along very nicely and it seems close to shedding its beta label.

The first time we visited the site, it properly detected that we were on a mobile device and prompted us to enter the mobile version of the service. Problem is, upon subsequent visits this did not happen and we were directed to the desktop version of the site.

In IOS, using both the Safari and Chrome browsers, we were able to watch very fluid video with full sound. From a media delivery perspective, MyFreeCams has nailed it.

Apart from the device detection anomaly, the service offered a very pleasing mobile experience.


imlive mobile webcam sex

ImLive Mobile Version

The mobile version of ImLive was a real pleasure to use. The site auto detects mobile devices and scales its interface appropriately to deliver the best possible experience.

Clicking on a model picture opens her video stream in a dedicated window. Sound is off by default, but a click on the speaker icon will turn it on. Do note that it takes about five seconds for the sound to come on.

We’ve always loved this site because it offers very cute European girls at prices that start at less than $1 per minute. Being able to take this great desktop experience on the road using your mobile phone is simply the cherry on the sundae.

Using an iPhone, the site renders equally well using either the Safari or Chrome web browsers. Highly recommended.


bongacams mobile free webcam sex

BongaCams Mobile Version

The mobile version of BongaCams was a pleasure to use using either the Safari or Chrome web browsers.

Device detection worked flawlessly and the site rendered very quickly. Like some of the other sites we reviewed, sound is off by default so you will need to turn it on to enjoy a fully immersive experience.

Our only complaint here is the video frame rate. It was rather low regardless of which model we viewed. Not to the point where it was unusable (to the contrary, the site offers a very nice mobile experience), but a bump in the frame rate would make this offering perfect.



Flirt4Free Mobile Version

Flirt4Free is well known for the incredible quality of both their audio and video streams. They may not be the cheapest webcam sex site, but they do offer a premium experience for those who demand the very best.

So how do they fare on mobile devices? Well, the devil here is truly in the details.

First off, their device detection works like a charm and renders the site beautifully on an iPhone. The site is responsive and easy to navigate in terms of finding the perfect girl for your webcam date.

The issues we had with the site involved the user interface when in a chat room. Upon entering the room, you are in what’s called SD (standard definition) mode. This mode offers you the full chat interface, but as the name implies, the video quality is pared down to save bandwidth and there is no sound. It’s not horrible or unusable, but it’s not the high end video and audio the service is known for.

But here is where things get interesting. If you click on the HD button, the video launches in full screen mode with crystal clear sound. And let’s be clear, the video quality is nothing short of amazing. Best we’ve seen from any mobile webcam sex provider. The problem is that you loose the whole chat interface. You can’t type back and forth. For some, this might not be a deal breaker, but for those who enjoy directing the action (as I do with lesbian performers) this could be a serious problem.

The site worked perfectly using the Chrome web browser, but we were unable to get chat rooms to work in SD mode using Safari. It seems that when it comes to webcam sex on an iPhone, the Chrome browser is the preferred client of choice.


streamate mobile webcam sex

Solid Cams Mobile Version

Solid cams is a popular webcam sex service that’s known for it’s affordable crowd sourced gold shows that are powered by Streamate. It’s a hybrid site that brings together the best features of both tipping sites and traditional webcam sex services. The site is also well known for it’s amazing video and audio quality. It’s one of my favorite sites for affordable lesbian sex shows.

When it comes to support for mobile devices, the service continues to impress. It correctly detects your screen size and launches in mobile mode in both Safari and Chrome.

Even more impressive is that the site works equally well in both browsers with great video and audio quality. It will please both those seeking affordable webcam sex and quality delivery on a smaller screen. Do note that rollover webcam previews when browsing models only works for registered users.


Judging from our test results, it’s fair to say that mobile webcam sex has come of age on both the iPhone and iPad when using the latest version of IOS. All of the sites we tested offered a usable, if not always bug free, webcam sex experience. You can now take your virtual girlfriend on the road with you for those lonely nights away on business trips. We’ll be updating this post with the results of our Android testing in the near future.

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